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Asus rog falchion keyboard

Today we take a look at the ASUS ROG Falchion 65% Wireless Gaming Keyboard. This motherboard has been around for a while, and while 65% wireless keyboards are nothing new to enthusiasts, there aren't many "gaming" brands that offer this specification. I recently reviewed the Corsair K65 Mini, although the keyboard has no problems, the lack of innovation and functionality makes me doubt its overall value.

However, ROG falchion brings a number of features that gamers will love. This is the core of a high-quality, reliable, compact keyboard, but it doesn't stop there. It has wireless connectivity and useful little extra features you've never seen before, like an interactive touch panel and status bar. ASUS brings The real thing is unique in the market.

Unfortunately, the size of some of the keys on the dash is unique to this model, which makes customization a bit complicated / not worth it, but in fact there are still dedicated arrow keys and other functions, which can cause some looks.

Let's take a closer look.




cherry MX RGB


520 g

buy Amazon




cherry MX RGB


520 g


305 mm


101 mm


39 mm

dedicated media buttons

Secondary function (touch screen can be used as volume control)


Yes, each

key connects

wireless (can be used in wired mode)


wireless, battery life up to 450 hours

arrow keys dedicated

touch screen status bar



The Falchion packaging is minimalist, but still very beautiful, all the information you need to know about the product is dotted around the black and red boxes. Inside the

we have:

ROG Falchion is of course a 65% compact model, which means you will lose the dedicated F keys and the numeric keypad. Usually this is the same for function keys and arrow keys, but a big advantage of this keyboard is that ASUS retains the dedicated arrow keys and an additional column of four keys to the right.

From an appearance point of view, the dash is very compact, because the buttons are grouped together and there are no obstructions or gaps. The design is quite "gameresq", but I have to say that I really like it. The

Falchion has what I call a floating key layout, where the keys are raised above the frame and RGB lighting is displayed for each key below. The keys themselves are ROG's own double-shot PBT keys, which means they are very durable and can be used for a long time before using them. This font is definitely a classic from the ASUS ROG department, with a font of angry gamers. This is not a common font set by me, but it won't stop me from buying it. I really like it. The only downside is that "Republic Of Gamers" is printed on the space bar, which is a bit tacky. The

has an overall size of 305mm x 101mm x 39mm. You really get a little circuit board on the desk. I like the inclusion of dedicated arrow keys. Of course, compared to a 60% keyboard, there is more room to play, but with the arrow at the bottom right and four function keys, I can finally use the compact board to work without having to press three keys at the same time. . Perform a function. The

Falchion weighs just 520 grams, which is predictable for a keyboard of this size, and most of it is made of plastic. I have no problem with plastic, the weight of the keyboard is enough to keep it in place. The shape is very square, with a round edge to create the beauty that I like, and from all angles it looks great on the desktop. The bottom of the

reminds me of ASUS ROG monitors and shares a familiar design with many products in the ROG series. There are a few brand logos below, two little flip-up feet, and four rubber pads at the four corners. The feet are very sturdy and won't bend when moved backwards, just like some models I've tested. The top of the keyboard is where we see the USBC connection and the on / off switch, which are centered for convenience. The

Falchion's main feature is its 65% TKL (keyless) form factor. Its compact size means that it not only fits on the smallest desk, but is also easy to transport.

Features at a Glance: One of the features of the

Falchion is its wireless connection. This is one of the few gaming keyboards, perhaps only completely wireless, of this size. The

establishes a connection via a 2.4 GHz USB key, and the report rate is 1 millisecond. During my testing, I never noticed that the connection failed once, which gave me confidence to use it as a daily controller for games. Wireless has come a long way. In my opinion, it is less important for keyboards, but I can understand why some people still prefer wired peripherals. The

ASUS ROG Falchion is rated for 450 hours of continuous use. I can't fully test this, but I left it for a full week without having to charge it once. I turned on the RGB lighting, so naturally it consumes faster, I must point out that to get to 450 hours, Asus claims that this will only happen when the lighting is off. This reminds me of a unique feature of Falchion: the battery status bar.

Status bar shows battery life

Falchion's best feature, I've never seen anything like it on such a small keyboard, is an excellent innovation from Asus. The touch panel is located on the left side of the circuit board and has 9 touch steps. Out of the box, the touchpad is set up to control the volume of your media, but it doesn't have to be. You can use the touch panel to create application shortcuts, copy and paste, and even program them as macro keys for games.

You can change different aspects of the touch panel through the software. For example, the middle part of the touchpad is not set to do anything, so I quickly set it to mute it when I click. ASUS ROG Falchion

supports Cherry MX RGB switches. Although they won't surprise anyone, they are robust and reliable switches that will never let you down. My model here has a red variant, I prefer this shape when looking for a keyboard, because I like linear style switches. The

keyboard has a small amount of ping, but much less than the Corsair K65 Mini, so you won't really notice or care. These sensations and sounds are of better quality and may even be lubricated because they are definitely smoother.

At first glance, it seems strange that it uses the keyboard cover as a function, but here it's great. The included polycarbonate cover is of high quality and can be used as a dust cover when not on your desk. The lid also has an alternative purpose. It can be turned over and is essentially a keyboard tray.

There is no real reason to use it as a tray, but it is well designed to spread RGB lighting around the edges. Asus takes it a step further and includes two small cutouts so you can access the touchpad and the rear button/charging port. We also see that there are four rubber pads at the bottom and a rubber interior to achieve maximum stability in this mode.

ASUS ROG Falchion is a 65% wireless gaming keyboard that should attract your attention. It is rich in features and beautiful, as long as you like RGB. This motherboard is unique in the field of gaming keyboards, but it further breaks the boundaries and provides us with innovative features. I now feel that I cannot do without these features. The

wireless connection works as expected, coupled with the long battery life, which allows me to support wireless products. Of course, it costs a lot of money, but the touchpad and status bar are something I have never seen before, and I really like such additional features. The dust cover, whether you use it or not, is another good choice, but all this plus the fact that I can keep the arrow keys dedicated means I may have to lift the board.




Cherry MX RGB


520 grams

buy Amazon

ROG falchion offers many features to gamers. This is a high-quality, reliable compact keyboard, but its core doesn't stop there. It has wireless connectivity and useful little extra features you've never seen before, like the touch bar and battery life bar. Asus brings something truly unique enters the market.

ASUS ROG Falchion Wireless 65% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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