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Asus nvidia super graphics card laptops

According to a mysterious slide seen in the HardwareUnboxed video, Nvidia is preparing to release the RTX 2060 Super GPU for laptops.

If you have been following this news closely, you may have heard that Nvidia is preparing a pair of super graphics cards for notebook computers. We already know that RTX 2070 and RTX 2080 Super will be available for laptops, but the 2060 Super is clearly absent from this announcement.

When this slide show mentioning the 2060 Super mobile GPU appeared, it certainly made RTX 2060 Super fans a little excited. The RTX 2060 Super for desktop computers is an excellent value-for-money graphics card, so it is very suitable for laptops.

However, in a recent statement, Asus has confirmed that the slides contained incorrect information.

"ASUS can confirm that there is no RTX 2060 Super [Mobile], and all the specifications in the Nvidia slide above are applicable to desktop super GPUs."

Of course, this does not completely rule out the possibility that Nvidia will develop RTX 2060 graphics cards for notebook computers in the future. Sex, but it does not seem to be destined at the moment.

For Nvidia fans, this is certainly a disappointment. They may want a more competitive Super graphics card when buying a new laptop.

It seems that if your budget is limited, you will have to choose RTX 2070 or RTX 2080. The good news is that these are also excellent graphics cards that are well worth buying. We are interested in knowing exactly how they work in gaming laptops.

If we hear more information about any Nvidia Super graphics card, we will notify you in time.

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