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Asus launches rog theta headset series

ASUS is eager to build on the foundation laid by the existing ROG peripherals and released two new gaming headsets ROG Theta and ROG Theta Electret on Computex 2019.

, maintaining the elegant origins of the Theta series in other product catalogs of the Republic of Players. It is based on luxurious soft-touch ears The cover design, with a metal cover, can provide continuous comfort and longevity.

First, we let ROG Theta focus on the future-oriented USB TypeC connection and eight Essence controllers, four for each earbud. Unlike the traditional headset design, Asus chose to completely eliminate the auxiliary driver.

The four largest ESS 9601 cups cover the front, center, side and rear channels, with a wider frequency spectrum and a larger auditory sound field to compensate for the lack of subwoofers. ROG's unique high-end 7.1 surround sound DAC also helps provide crystal clear audio output.

On the microphone side, Theta uses a dedicated processor associated with AI-defined profiles to identify and eliminate unwanted background noise. ASUS claims that the machine learning process can eliminate 50 million kinds of unwanted sound wave pollution, and the incidence of this situation is as high as 99%. Consistent with other products in the ROG series, Theta has Aura Sync RGB lighting effects that can be customized in full color.

Theta Electret is an analog high-fidelity alternative for enthusiast gamers who pursue the quality of real life. The classic silver copper 3.5mm audio input and the practical 6.3mm input adapter allow the headset to be used with various devices. The

headset consists of a configuration of two speakers and a dynamic transducer mounted on an electret driver. The controller has a lightweight polymer film sandwiched between two plates. The transformer amplifies the signal, causing the electromagnetic field to move the film and produce audio output with much lower distortion levels than dynamic drivers. In order to solve the bass problem, the 45mm dynamic driver of each earphone acts as a kind of subwoofer. When combined with the electret driver, it creates a comprehensive spectrum defined by crisp high-end and powerful bass. ROG Theta Electret's microphone is detachable and certified by Discord and TeamSpeak, so we can expect more than just good audio quality.

On the Computex topic, there is no detailed information on pricing or when and where ASUS ROG Theta and ASUS ROG Theta Electret will be available.

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