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Astro a10 gaming headset

In terms of gaming headsets, Astro is a brand known for its high-end, high-quality products. Having said that, they recently decided to put their toes on the lower end of the price range and provided the market with another great option: the Astro A10 gaming headset. The

Astro A10 Gaming Headset is an emotion-free optimized gaming headset. Prioritize sound quality and build over fancy features and aesthetics. It is in the middle of the budget price range, giving consumers more headaches the next time they shop for headphones.

In the next article, we'll take a closer look at the Astro A10 headset to see how it can compete with similarly priced alternatives; build quality, price, performance, sound quality, and general purpose. Little by little we will understand if it is worthy of your consideration and realization.

So, with this in mind, let's stop wasting time and learn more about the Astro A10 headphones directly.

Below, we describe the main specifications of the Astro A10 headphones.

In the Astro A10 box, we see:



The setup process required to start and run Astro A10 is very simple, whether you use them for PC, XBOX or PS4. After opening the package, simply connect the audio cable (found in a separate package) to the headset. After that, PC users need to connect an additional splitter cable to use this headset's microphone and audio, easy to do. For XBOX and PS4 users, this step is not necessary.

does not need any software to start and run this headset. Just plug in the cable and start your favorite Steam game - it's that simple!

Astro A10 has a variety of different styles and color themes, all of which are suitable for different scenarios and gaming equipment. However, having said that, regardless of the color theme or device format, each variant of this headset does the exact same thing.

So, with this in mind, we decided to buy the Astro A10 headphones with the Zelda theme; you can thank the founder for his love for Zelda on Nintendo Switch. As mentioned above, this is just a difference in style - function, sound quality, and build quality remain the same.

Astro decided to go the gaming route for this headset (which is not surprising), giving it a truly striking resonant beauty. For example, this is not the type of headset that you can simply put on before heading to the store. The Zelda theme is more prominent on the two ear muffs. One earmuff has a large Zelda sword logo, and the other earmuff has some ancient markings from the Hiraru kingdom. Similar symbols can be found throughout the headband, with the Zelda insignia on top. In addition to the

Zelda brand, Astro A10s uses plastic design, which provides a lightweight design on the one hand, but does not provide excellent build quality or service life on the other hand. Fortunately, like the HyperX Cloud Stingers, which is a similarly priced headset, the Astro A10 headset is equipped with a steel headband wrapped in a flexible rubber material to increase strength. The

headset is too big, but not as big as most gaming headsets on the market today. I have "normal" sized ears, and my hoof just covers them. The top and bottom of my ears are always in direct contact with the headset, which can be a bit annoying; we will discuss this more in the comfort section of the comment. The

ear muffs use the iconic Astro boxy design, which to be honest looks very cumbersome. Also, the headband that opens vertically from the headset looks very large and angular when worn; I do not like it very much. For the latest smaller earbud, it feels a bit bulky and over the top. The

microphone is a rotary, silent, non-detachable microphone that is quite large compared to the rest of the headphones. That said, the mic feels quite sturdy and offers a bit of versatility in terms of positioning. The headset itself has no other function buttons, but you can use the volume control built into the audio cable, which is really handy. For headphones at this price, the

's quality of workmanship is always an issue that concerns me. And to be honest, when it comes to this department, Astro A10s is a breath of fresh air.

As mentioned above, the design of the Astro A10 headphones uses plastic as the main material. With that said, you will find that a piece of durable steel forms the main part of the headband, covered in a soft rubber material. The headset overall feels very good and very sturdy, especially when doing some light stress tests in the studio. The

helmet itself also feels very good in terms of quality. The fabric ear pads feel good to install, while the earpiece cover provides a thick layer of plastic that may be able to withstand some angry cuts.

Plus, the cable feels very durable and will not cause too much wear during gaming or general use. The microphone also feels well made and sturdy. If I had to put money in one area to use this headset for longer than other areas, I would go for a microphone or audio cable.

Having said that, the only drawback I can see with this headset is the built-in volume control on the cable. The dial doesn't feel too strong, which means it may be an area of concern.

Overall, very well built

In the long run, it can be said to be a fairly lightweight headset, to say the least. The weight alone allows players to wear it during long gaming sessions, not to mention the comfort it provides.

However, for me personally, the positive side quickly ended. The helmets were too backward, but I found them to be even more frustrating. The earphones cannot cover my ears sufficiently, and the top and bottom of the ears are in direct contact with the earphone cushion. Usually this is not a big deal, but due to the shape of the earpiece, my ears feel uncomfortable when wearing it. Sorry, Astro.

In addition, the cushions that have been installed on the headband do not provide as much support as you might expect. Due to its compact design, it feels very uncomfortable when used again. Apparently there is a small cushion in contact with the center of my skull, if you know what I mean.

Oh, one more thing about headphones. Because Astro decided to use fabric for something more breathable, my ears quickly started to generate a lot of heat. This is one of my biggest annoyances in the headset, unfortunately, this headset failed in this regard.

So, leaving aside the design, it's time to take a closer look at some of the technical aspects of these gaming headsets. In the next performance part, we will carefully study the performance of this headset in actual scenes. We will test it through music, TV and movies, telephone and game scenes. In this way, we can give a better and more complete opinion on the working principle of this headset.

So, with this in mind, let us go directly to it.

I started the sound performance test by activating a few of my favorite tracks to understand how A10s handles listening to music. Usually this gives me a good understanding of the range and frequency that these headphones can generate. First I decided to listen to some electronic music, as expected, they sound good, but nothing special. The 40mm neodymium drivers found on this

headphone illustrate its own characteristics. They provide crisp highs and a pleasant roar, which is very popular with most people today. The bass lines sound powerful and prominent, while the melody line blends well into the mix, providing an exciting sound that all electronic music fans love to hear. That said, from a musical point of view, this is not entirely positive. I noticed early on that the midrange sounds a bit absent and weak in the mix. Unfortunately, the lack of an intermediate frequency will definitely cause the sound from the headphones to fade a bit while listening to music or watching TV. But in this price range, there are no real surprises.

I decided to do a quick comparison to the Corsair HS60 Pro headphones (current retail price is about $ 20 higher than the Astro A10s), as I predicted, the sound quality is more comprehensive. However, in terms of under $ 50 headphones, I think the Astro A10s sounds good, albeit a bit washed out. That being said, I think the lack of midsize has an impact on the performance of these headphones, especially in competitive games.

While testing the CS: GO headset, I started my Goto game. This is a game that relies heavily on knowing the enemy's location. Therefore, win or lose, having a good voice plays an important role. Having said that, I started to play some deathmatches, after which I decided to turn the Astros into a more competitive style of play. The first thing I noticed when playing with these headphones is the bass. Although bass sounds good enough when listening to music, it does play a role in games. The AWP sniper shot and the grenade sounded much louder than originally expected. Oh, and because there is no intermediate frequency, I can easily distinguish footsteps and shots from a distance, giving me important information about the enemy's whereabouts.

Although this headset has minor flaws when listening to music or TV shows, I think the Astro A10s provides a very pleasant listening experience. They may not be as comprehensive as other headphones, but they can definitely provide good bass and plenty of room to play.

Regarding the microphone, the Astro A10 uses a 6.0 mm unidirectional microphone, which, to be honest, sounds not bad at all. I managed to get quite a bit of game time using these headphones, and my teammates have never had problems with clarity or volume. The

microphone is made of rubber material and feels extremely sturdy. This material provides you with considerable positional versatility, but you cannot bend the microphone away from your face. In other words, the microphone has a built-in rotation technology, which means you can flip it when not in use. The

microphone itself can express my voice clearly, albeit a bit flat. As far as $50 earplugs are concerned, this is not bad. Compared with Corsair HS60s and HyperX Cloud Stingers, Astro A10 may be slightly better than Cloud Stinger headsets and slightly worse than HS60s. However, in the real world, it doesn't have much.

I found that when the microphone is close to my mouth, it picks up a lot of background noise, including breathing and typing on my mechanical keyboard. Obviously this sound is prominent so I'll be careful if you use sound activation in the game.

Overall, not the best mic we've used

The new mouse or the last keyboard of the game, the characteristics usually play an important role in the decision-making process. The same ideology can also be used for headphones, even at the lower end of the price pool.

ASTRO A10 The handset is always that this is not insufficient. This headset has a series of features, but it has been implemented well.

Keep in mind and skip directly to the best features that ASTRO A10S should provide.

One of the worst features that can be found in many budgetary headphones products available in the current market is poor quality. Fortunately, Astro has ensured that this is an important area in budget headphones and did so to ensure that the same valuable material with a better premium product is carried out.

If you are satisfied with the quality of the sound and the microphone provided by this headset, you are satisfied with the life it provides.

Many of today's headphones designed for PC users have USB audio connections. This makes it eradicate a lot of the possibility of functionality in the transversal form.

Fortunately, the ASTRO A10 headset is not. Astro is equipped with A10S with a standard 3.5 mm audio cable that can be used on any device that provides this port. Therefore, the names, Xbox, PS4, Mac, switches and name, and this headset can be used throughout.

It can be a simple feature, but if you are a player you like PC and Xbox, it is very important to have this function, and all the headphones do not provide it.

Finally, there is a light design of this headset. Because the popularity of the ESPORTS and the game industry is growing, the player is now playing his favorite titles for a longer period of time. So it seems to be absolutely important for the pleasure of your game to have a headset that provides high level comfort.

ASTRA10S, the Earth on the Spectra weight limit reaches a 346 gram of a slim length game session can be mock more.

Well, you have it, our exhaustive review of the ASTRO A10 headphones. In general, we build quality, comfort and general sound quality, taking into account the price points of this headset, and it was quite satisfied with the value that the ASTRO A10 headphones appears. At

$ 60, this headset contains a slap Van-Hyper X ClougSinger in the middle of a very competitive price pool, Corsair HS60 Pro and Steelseries ArcTis 1 headphones. Ultimately, many of these headphones are very similar, better features (HS60 and ARCTIS 1), but others are better quality and sound quality (ASTRO A10S or Hyperx Cloud Stinger). What do you choose really preference and personal needs?

Finally, if you are looking for a budget earphone that falls below $ 60, it offers a good sound quality, an excellent quality of construction and a decent level of comfort, Astra10 is only looking for it, you can do it precise.


During the order

Frequency range

20 Hz-20 KHz






40 mm

40 mm, Neodymium Magnet



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ASTRO A10 Headphones is a multipriever, transversalforce that provides a NoglyL design.


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