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Asrock overclocks intels locked no k comet lake cpus

If you are trying overclock the PC with an Intel processor, the selection of the processor is a key. You can adjust the BIOS multiplier that can increase the clock speed using the Intel unlocked K series CPU. However, a CPU of this type can return to a fair amount. Therefore, the Nonk series with blocked multipliers saves some money. If you can save money at the same time and overclocked it, do not you think it's wonderful? Well, it seems that there is a solution to ascend.

The technology 'Basic Frequency Boost' can allow Overclocking Intel Blocked Intel CPU.

"ASROCK BFB (fundamental function frequency) technology installs the NONSK series CPU with selected ASROCK 300 and 400 base plates (except Z models) and enjoy the fundamental frequency impulse with a hidden processor that works Changing the thermal design point

CPU (TDP). The TDP measures the value of the value when the CPU was measured when the CPU was executed during loading. This is sometimes called Power Level Evaluation 1 (PL1) . Evaluation of Power Level 2 (PL2) Specifies the number of Watchings for increased frequency increase.

ASROCK technology changes the PL1 level and basically is running at a fastest fundamental frequency than the CPU assumed. An example of an image given by Astrock shows Intel Core I910900 with 65 W TDP. When using BFB technology, the processor takes this instead of 125 W. Therefore, the CPU can operate at 3.7 GHz instead of 2.6 GHz. It is a large overclock of 900 MHz that can not be ignored.

If you are thinking about using this method, you can not ignore, and there is an important thing that is cooling. If you want to press the CPU more than the maximum designed to deal with it, it will be very hot and additional cooling will be needed.

"ASROCK BFB breathes on the base plate of the Nonk Series CPU and NONAN series, but the current reinforcement frequency currently depends on the cooling system applied to the platform, and is warned to promote.

If a Sufficient cooling system, you can probably maximize the possibility of what your CPU and ASRock technologies should provide. So keep your mind's mind, your CPU overclocking capacity is as good as your cooling system.

Astrock available BFBS with A specific LGA 1200 socket motherboard for the Comet Lake processor (Z490, B460 and H470). You can also use it on the base plate of the previous LGA 1151 socket, such as Z390 and B365 for Coffee Lake processors. If you have one of these boards, you must download the last BIOS from Asrock.

is about to think about Intel. They will be interesting to see their response. If you already listen to BFB technology, we will continue to update it.

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