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Apex legends season 2 details unveiled

Despite falling into a downturn after launching spectacular products last year, Apex Legends took center stage in EA’s E3 2019 show, and the publisher provided details on the upcoming season 2 Battle Charge, including the new legend Watson, a New weapons, a classification. Mode and mask.

Wattson, the 10th legend to join the battle, the daughter of a leading French electrical engineer, has an extraordinary mind and plays like a static defender. She seems to provide a more refined style of play than all the weapons on the existing legendary roster. The

's perimeter security tactical capabilities allow the construction of electrical fences through a series of connection nodes that can be arranged in various arrangements. These will cause damage to the enemy, while slowing down their speed and alerting allies. His passive is the spark of genius. It can see that the accelerator immediately recharges the player's ultimate ability, and while approaching the interception tower, it provides an improvement in tactical skills charging, which means he can quickly set obstacles continuously. Finally, his last interceptor tower repaired the shield and destroyed incoming decrees and projectiles, such as grenades and bombings.

New weapon LStar is an energy-based plasma-fed EMG light machine gun, using experimental 60 rounds of non-rechargeable ammunition, directly taken from Titanfall 2 developed by Respawn. Gold is a rare grade, but it is expected to be one of the most damaging weapons in Kings Canyon. Respawn is planning to make some meta changes to the general weapon series, including two new jumps, but the developers did not elaborate.

Respawn also explained that the lessons learned from the disappointing release of Season 1 are reflected in the Season 2 Battle Pass, including changing progress based on challenge rather than time, allowing players to reduce routines and be faster than before To reach level 100. Challenges are held daily and weekly, and if you take a break from the game, you can stack them up. The

badge and statistics tracker will be removed in exchange for three new content types that will be announced later. In addition, upgrading to level 100 will get enough crafting materials to collect legendary items. Four new skins will also be launched, including Caustic's Dark Prince, Octane's Jade Tiger, Spitfire The Intimidator skin and R301's Iron Rampage skin.

Finally, Respawn confirmed Apex Legends' front row mode. There are six levels of advancement and there is the possibility of setting an upper limit for low-skill players. The grade ranges from Bronze to Apex Predator. Each level has a matching system to ensure the best match for the player's skill level. Placement at the end of the season will receive a specific level of reward. When Season 2 officially started on July 2,

Wattson and all the changes affected Apex Legends.

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