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Apex legends introduces new season 6 hero rampart

After making fun of some major news from Apex Legends and finally revealing the details of the first wave of season 6 of the battle royale shooter "Boosted" last week, the developer Respawn prepared a trailer for their new hero Rampart.

The original trailer, released under the "Story of Outland" series, follows in the footsteps of the previous Apex legendary trailers and achieves the same high level of quality and superb animation we expected.

Ramya Parekh, known as Rampart, specializes in weapon modification. This skill continues to its time on the underground glove track, where it continues to grow and develop. As Respawn vividly described, Rampart "speaks big and has ballistics to support it." His reputation was not overlooked, and an explosive fight was triggered in his modification shop, which was prominently displayed in the trailer. Although he performed worse in battle due to attrition, this allowed him to get tickets to the major leagues and Apex Games. The same impressive trailer released by

last week provides more information about Rampart's character, as well as a toolkit that players can use. One of his signature abilities seems to be a defensive shield, and he is likely to occupy an important position in the new season 6 production system, which we will introduce next. Although currently shrouded in mystery, Rampart fought against "Sheila", which could be a reliable weapon, drone, or anything like that. Given that he likes to play with guns, I would bet that a huge, tampered pistol may be the same as the one shown in the promotional photos posted so far. As we approach the 6th season debut on August 18th, look forward to Respawn to share more details. In addition to the

wall, season 6 introduced a mysterious new production system. There is nothing to do at the moment, but the details released so far indicate that players will be able to collect materials from around the map and turn them into a team. The common slogans so far are "If you can't rob it, build it" and "You don't like your equipment?" Collect materials around the map and build better things! It will be interesting to see how this works and whether it is possible to change the metadata in Apex Legends. The sixth season of

also brings "a shocking new weapon", an energy-filled SMG named Volt: ``Fight with this energy-filled SMG. In compound bow and arrow ammunition, it may appear in season 6.

Season 6 also released a new Battle Pass, with over 100 exclusive unlockable items, including HoloSprays, Apex Packs, and Legendary Skins, some of which may be provided for the new Rampart character. Summary So far, what we know about Apex Heroes Season 6 is a brand new ranked season. Compared to season 5, it is not yet known if it will change.

Apex Legends Season 6 "Boosted" will launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on August 18.

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