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Antec nx1000

Antec introduced its latest NX1000 mid tower PC case. Its top and sides are decorated with no less than three tempered glass panels, and the rest are ordinary plastic and SPCC panels, which contribute to its appearance.

So why is there so much glass? Well, the NX1000 can house a lot of fans, and the glass probably showcases the rotating LED light show that takes place inside. It also targets aesthetically important builders by providing a wide window for their convenient work. In terms of

specifications, its size is as high as 480 x 245 x 490 mm, and its weight is not negligible, 9.5 kg, suitable for all standard ATX, MicroATX and ITX motherboard sizes. It has seven expansion slots, two 3.5-inch/2.5-inch convertible drive bays, and two standard 2.5-inch SSD drive bays.

As for the CPU cooler, it can hold up to 180 mm drives, while the PSU slot can hold anything up to 210 mm, and it can hold up to 370 mm of GPU. The

NX1000 chassis supports up to 6 fans; two 140 mm or 120 mm at the top, one 120 mm at the rear, and three 120 mm or two 140 mm at the front. Antec also comes standard with ARGB LED rear fans. There is even a 360 mm liquid-cooled radiator on the front and a 280 mm radiator on the top. If you tilt in this way, you can also replace the rear fan with a 120 mm radiator. On the top of the front of the

NX1000 is a series of I/O ports, including a power switch, LED control buttons, microphone and audio inputs, and a pair of USB 3.0 ports. The LED driver can support up to 6 ARGB fans, covering 16.8 million color gamuts. The front panel also has its own RGB LED settings, which can add more kaleidoscope colors to the chassis.

Antec adds some popular cable management features, including clips, straps and cable covers to keep things tidy and orderly. And, just in case, there is a dust filter on the top and bottom.

You can now buy your own Antec NX1000 from Amazon, and they still have some stock.

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