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Animal crossing pc game alternatives

The release of the New Horizons of Animal Crossing is finally here. In the next few weeks, Switch owners around the world will be locked up, build their own desert islands and repay all the money they owe Tom Nook.

But what about gamers who don't have a Switch? We know that most of our audience are staunch members of the PC Masters. This does not mean that you should miss it completely, although thanks to these Animal Crossing PC game alternatives.

Although the games listed below are good choices, can you really beat the real game? If you want to experience the new "Animal Crossing", you will need Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite. If you really like it, there is also a limited edition Animal Crossing Switch version that can really complete your collection!

Unfortunately, no. Animal Crossing is an exclusive product of Nintendo Switch and has always been loyal to Nintendo as a gaming company. There are currently no plans to release a PC version, and honestly, we think there will never be. So if you really want to get involved, but don't want to spend money on a new gaming console, let's take a look at the PC alternatives you can enjoy.

We spent several hours immersing ourselves in the heartbreaking and cute world of the following games to make sure we bring you the best Animal Crossing PC alternatives. So here's our top pick:

All of these games have very low specs, making them easy to play on most versions of PCs and laptops. We recommend a PC like our $ 300 PC to ensure you can run these games smoothly. Or, if you prefer to buy a pre-installed PC, we recommend the following.

Speaking of relaxing simulation and resource management games, there is a game that has long challenged the top spot of "Animal Crossing": Stardew Valley. This farming simulation game makes social interactions the same as real farming, helping to give it the kind of atmosphere it gets when hanging out with Abigail and the company. A big advantage of

Stardew Valley is that it can be used on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android, so you can play regardless of your game settings. You can also build a farm with your friends through online cooperation.

If you want to be as close as possible to the real Animal Crossing game, Hokko Life is your best choice. If you have heard of this, stop: you arrive in a new city by train, decide where to put your new house, make friends with the locals, fish, forage, design your own clothes and your home. Sounds familiar? This should be. The only downside to

is that Hokko Life has yet to be released and we don't have an exact date. When it lands, you can get it from the Steam store on your PC.

Although you can become a human being among the creatures in Crossing Animals, the garden paw gives you the opportunity to become one of the animals. And, similar to Stardew Valley, you just inherited your grandfather's farm. The goal here is simple. To expand the nearby village, you need to open your own shop and earn enough money through farming and gathering to help it prosper.

This cute game was originally released through Kickstarter, and it raised the goal three times. It is now available for PC via Steam.

My Time At Portia has everything that makes these games so addictive and relaxing: relationship building, resource extraction, fishing, and of course farming. This premise is at least more primitive. Your father ran away and became a "gangster", now you must keep the farm running and help the villagers of Portia.

The architectural aspect of this game really takes center stage here, helping it stand out from other aspects. You can get it now from Stea

. Finally, we have a game that looks like Minecraft on the surface, but after a few minutes of playing it, you will quickly understand why it appears on this list. Although it is a blocky pixelated graphic, this is another relaxing game that allows you to work on a dilapidated farm. When you restore this land to its former glory, you can unlock the ability for more residents to move into your city.

This game also gets bonus points for its delicious soundtrack, which you can now get on Steam. The

Animal Crossing series games have always been the perfect way to escape busy life into the cute, laid back world of Tom Nook. If you've never played this game series before, New Horizons seems like the best installment, so there's no better time than this.

Each game on this list will provide you with a similar story and gameplay, but no game captures the same feeling as "Animal Crossing." If you've tried New Horizons or any of our Animal Crossing PC alternatives, let us know in the comments below. Or you can go to our community center to continue the conversation.

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