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Animal crossing live stream

We are now less than a month away from the release date of "Animal Crossing: New Horizons", and it is easy to feel the heat of this game. Now, Nintendo provides us with a 25-minute live broadcast, so that we can watch the game better, and social media goes crazy with excitement.

As someone who has invested a lot of time on New Leaf, I am already excited about the new version of this classic Nintendo game, but after seeing a game that exceeded my expectations, I received a pre-order and will wait for it at midnight on the release day , So that I can start building my new city (naming suggestions are very welcome).

So, let's take a look at 10 things we learned from the recent Live Animal Crossing.

We can start with a hot topic on Twitter: museums. Animal Crossing fans are an odd bunch of people, but I have to admit, as one of them, the museum looks great.

According to a previous post from Nintendo, you will be in charge of storing all the wonders that you can find on the island for the museum. It's unclear if the beloved character of Blathers will regain control of the museum, but the updated graphics mean we'll be excited either way. Sorry, Blathers. One of the most exciting new features of

is the ability to change the landscape of your island. On the live stream, we saw players use new terrain modification tools to build and remove terrain and create new landscapes. This means that you can extend the shoreline, clear more space at different levels, and even create waterfalls.

It is still possible to cut and plant trees, as before. But now, you can also build bridges and steps in the water to help you get from one level to another. You can control your island more than ever. It looks like you have changed from a small mayor to a true God. we agree.

When you move to your desert island for the first time, it will be very beautiful, very nice and deserted. The live broadcast showed that the player arrived with two other randomly selected residents and no one else. You can invite new residents to your island while playing the game, allowing you to choose who can and who cannot live in your tropical paradise.

In addition, you can also choose the camps of other residents. Just as you choose the perfect location for your new home, you can also choose where your neighbors will settle. This time they really gave us more control over the city, which is a very nice addition.

For those who like to play with friends and family, "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" has a host of multiplayer game options for you to enjoy. In terms of local games, you can have up to eight characters on the same Switch. Everyone must live on the same island, and each Nintendo Account can only use one character. However, each of you will have your own store / house, so you can still make it your own.

also has a "party mode" where four players can race at the same time. One player plays the role of leader, everyone follows them and you can search and fish together as if we were in a real group.

, of course, will also have an online mode. With this, if you have your island code and spend time together, you can visit your friend's island. However, there will be some restrictions, for example, axes and shovel are not allowed, so as not to completely destroy your island. However, if they are "best friends", this is not the case, but Nintendo has not elaborated on what this means.

For those who are serious about using the Nintendo DS stylus to create custom designs for villagers, don’t be afraid. You will be able to move your New Leaf design to your New Horizons. You can scan the QR code of the original design and transfer it to your new game. So after all, all the time spent designing a perfect pattern is worth it.

Animal Crossing introduces some dangers in the game for the first time. If you are too eager to cut down some trees, you may be attacked by a swarm of wasps. We assume that the damage it causes will disappear with the medications they show, and it will not be too severe. Although, in the broadcast, it seemed suspicious, the player just crashed and died. A bit harsh, communication.

Roaming at night, you may even encounter ghosts. Yes. In the short clip we saw, the ghost looked scared and then floated away, but this is another interesting and very cute addition.

When you start the game, you can choose what the initial island settings look like. As we mentioned earlier, you can customize and change this setting throughout the game, but it’s nice to have this option early.

Not only can you decide the layout of your island, but you can also decide whether it is located in the northern or southern hemisphere. This will not have much impact on the game, but it will adjust which season and which month occurs, which is a good contact. So if you want to experience Christmas in summer, you can.

The first time "Animal Crossing" is to pay that lovely Tom Nook after he loaned you the money to buy a new house. Of course, this loan has no interest or time limit. Thus, effectively, you can avoid paying it for the entire game. But this time, things are a little different.

Collect a fixed number of fish or many errors, won Nock Kilho. These Nook miles will be paid from your loan, and anyway, they will win them by doing them doing what they are doing sometimes.

When you pay, you can recover another loan to update your tent to your home. Then, you can recover another to make it bigger, and then add one more room. The intersection of animals is a game about taking Tom Nook really.

Your character will have a smartphone in the game, as it seems a rule in many modern games today. You have an application to track your Nook miles with your application for your craft recipe nature naturally.

As you progress through the game, you will see more applications to your phone, since the new functions will be available. Talk about the new features ...

There was no charge receivable to the users to add DLC in this game, but several availability seem to be able to download the line. It is likely that these introduce new residents, services and challenges, which helps keep the game longer.

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