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Amd zen 4 cpus arrive 2020 ddr5 ram support

According to recently filtered pathways, it seems ready to start support for RAM DDR5 in 2022. Leaks, AMD starts USB4 support by 2022 and leaks if it is DDR5.

Leaks came from the Nexus players who claim they have information on the internal AMD roadmap. This source suggests that AMD provides DDR5 support with the Zen 4 processor in 2022. This memory is available for desktop and laptop, but the portable version is equipped with a low power variant of RAM DDR5.

DDR5 is the RAM of the next generation system of the RAM of the following system from its previous DDR4. DDR4 is the most used RAM, and there are types that are currently seated in the system. Some old systems can still be running at DDR3 RAM, but this is becoming increasingly rare.

DDR5 provides a DDR4 double bandwidth and provides better power efficiency for PC, laptop and smartphone.

This is still a rumor, which is important to return when the DDR4 memory is initially initially started. First, this next-generation RAM has significantly improved performance compared to RAM DDR3 HIGHND. However, as time passed, DDR4 is a much higher speed, and the gap between them and the previous DDR3 have generalized widespread.

I imagined something similar when DDR5 is finally released. Therefore, we may have been waiting for our hand before seeing the performance that you want to see in the next-generation RAM.

Until now, all the main names are like moving to the future DDR5. Micron was announced that DDR5 SDRAM is starting to try DDR5 SDRAM, Samsung began mass production of DDR5 modules in 2021. SK Hainix is DDR5 in order to start mass production this year stated that he was watching him. Then, it makes sense to start working on throwing his hat on a ring.

This is still a rumor, it looks like a way. As a result of the confirmation of AMD planning using DDR5, we maintain it updated.

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