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Amd zen 3 ryzen processors will use 7nm

AMD seems to have only a few confirmations of the manufacturing process nodes using the Zen 3 Ryzen processor of Hotlantiante. A series of investor slides were found, and showed "architectural route map" to deliver some of the US Future Plans. UU

There were many rumors that have recently made many rumors that AMD made a breaker switch To a process of manufacturing 5 nm, but these were stable and really unknown at this point. The information shown in the Road Sheet will be informed of the Zen 3 NM process and with the aim of jumping to 5 Nm for Zen 4. 14NM manufacturing process in the tenth generation processor. Rayzen's four-generation AMD processors are still slightly short, and it is expected to be expected to fill the intel gap in some games. AMD usually wins in a game that focuses on Multiphreaded, but Intel has many titles and there are still edges.

AMD confirmed that this Zen 3 processor will be faster than ever. This new CPU architecture provides a significant IPC gain (per cycle), a higher core number and a faster clock speed.

There were several rumors that indicated an increase of 17% in the Gain of the IPC and the increase of 50% in the operation of the floating point. This is a great improvement in general.

AMD Ryzen 4000 `Zen 3 Vermeer` is configured to compete with the Comet and Rocket Lake Lake Processor, it is an interesting place to see how its performance is supported. This is a process of 14 nm, but it is expected to be particularly important compared to Lake Rocket because it is penalty to the main architectural update of Intel.

What do you think of this ad? Do you think Zen 3 can offer more performance of the 7nm node? Please, let us know in the section below.

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