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Amd threadripper cpu leak

One of AMD's latest Threadripper CPUs may have been leaked in a recent video that shows motherboards that support them. The unreleased Threadripper 3990X with 64 cores may be released in 2020, but the video released by MSI clearly shows this.

The video has been deleted and a different version has been uploaded, but alert consumers discovered this error before it was too late. Although there have been rumors for some time that AMD has been developing 64-core CPUs, the quasi-official confirmation on this is exciting.

Speaking of 3990X, there is nothing to do right now. Initially, there were rumors that this processor will be released at the same time that the 32-core and 24-core processors debuted, but it was later delayed; this may be why the processor still appears in the MSI video, but in the end we will never Will know.

In addition to confirming the existence of the 64-core Threadripper, we have no more information, nor can we learn much from the video. WCCFTech speculates that the design of the 3990X indicates that it will include a total of 288MB of L2 + 3 cache and 128 PCIe 4.0 channels. If true, then these numbers are very impressive, much higher than any CPU we have seen before. Aside from the

leak, this is good news for AMD. At present, the highest number of cores provided by Intel belongs to its i910980XE, but the number of cores is different from 3990X. The newly discovered popularity of

helps reverse AMD's situation, and it has gone from being a loser to being a market leader. In the past, Intel had such an advantage. They could basically charge whatever they wanted. Now they are on the defensive, and we may see AMD do the same. Can we see Intel's lower prices?

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