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Amd threadripper 3000 series announcement

Early signs indicate that AMD will release its new third-generation Ryzen Threadripper 3000 series GPUs today, but a source who spoke to Video Cardz now says that the announcement will be made on Thursday, November 7. It is not clear what caused the delay at the time of writing this article.

According to sources, AMD is preparing to disclose three Threadripper products or SKUs. They are Threadripper 3960X, Threadripper 3970X and Threadripper 3990X. The 3960X and 3970X will explain the number of cores, clock speed, product details, official website and pricing in great detail.

On the other hand, 3990X will only be previewed later (maybe early 2020) before the actual announcement (only the number of cores). Based on existing information, the 3990X is likely to be AMD's 64-core Ryzen Threadripper 3000 series variant and will become its flagship high-end desktop model. An image provided by

Video Cards also shows that the Threadripper 3960X and Threadripper 3970X review and benchmark ban will be lifted on November 19. Due to the announcement postponement until November 7, we believe this could take a few days. The motherboard maker

will also launch the TRX 40 model at the same time it was announced on Thursday. We already know that Aorus is releasing the TRX40 Xtreme model with the new sTRX4 slot.

As always, these leaks are best solved with a little salt, but since we have not received any news from AMD today, the rumors will heat up every hour.

In any case, we should not wait too long to learn more about AMD’s new Threadripper products, which will be a big step forward in terms of performance and efficiency over the existing second-generation Threadripper CPUs. Available now.

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