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Amd ryzen 9 4900u benchmark

The news of the AMD Ryzen 9 4900U APU finally appeared via UserBenchmark, labeled "AMD Ted3RN". The

AMD Ryzen 9 4900U has been rumored for some time, and was originally thought to be the processor in the new Lenovo Yoga Slim laptop. This model was recently confirmed as part of AMD's new Ryzen 4000 CPU series.

However, detailed information on the performance of the chip was not revealed in the announcement, and we have always wanted to know what level of performance the chip will be able to achieve.

Although the official Ryzen 4000 series has recently been released, we already know that the 4000U series will have a low TDP of 1025W. These chips will target ultra-thin and gaming laptops, rather than the H-series processors used in high-performance laptops. The

benchmark test shows that the chip will have 8 cores and 16 threads, and has an excellent single-core score. The basic frequency is 1.8 GHz, which is similar to the score of Ryzen 7 4800U, but the average turbo frequency is 2.35 GHz. There are rumors that it may exceed this and reach 4.3 GHz, which will put it ahead of Ryzen 7 4800U. The result of

UserBenchmark is that the Ryzen 9 4900U has a 1core score of 136 points and a 2core score of 198 points. When more tests are completed and new drivers are released, we will undoubtedly see some improved scores.

If we hear more updates about the highly anticipated AMD Ryzen 4000 series notebook CPUs, we will make sure to keep you updated. Although they will be available soon, due to the delay of COVID19, it may take a while for many of us to have access to the chips for testing.

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