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Amd ryzen 9 3950x breaks world record

AMD recently announced the release of another Ryzen 3000 chip, which uses a 3950x shape and has already made a lot of noise.

As we all know, AMD will launch its new series of superprocessors on July 7 this year. However, what they didn't mention at Computex was the last piece (in our opinion) of the Ryzen 3000 puzzle, which is 3950x.

3950x is a conventional AM4 socket processor with 16 cores and 32 threads. It is rumored to be the most powerful consumer CPU yet. However, this is not why it has made headlines recently. The reason for this is entirely because overclockers push the 3950x above 5GHz on each core. That's right, all cores. You can check where to buy AMD 3950X here. The three records broken by

are as follows:

In order to achieve these huge clock speeds, LN2 was used in the process. For those who want to know, LN2 is liquid nitrogen. The new registration is performed on MSI X570 GODLIKE and 4533 MHz G.Skill Trident Z Royal DIMM (DDR4). The team behind

overclocking must use custom BIOS settings to obtain the required voltage and some main tuning software Ryzen. In other words, the results speak for themselves.

AMD’s new record now is another cut by Intel, but the biggest question is; how will Intel respond?

Well, Intel has been talking about the potential release of the "Comet Lake" CPU, which will have 10 cores, 20 threads and an increased clock speed of 5.2GHz, which is expected to lead to a reduction in product prices. .

However, it has not been revealed when they will be released.

In addition to the new records, Ryzen seems to have surpassed Intel to become the CPU of choice for PC enthusiasts, thanks to its new series of third-generation processors. Ryzen has been on par (or outperformed) with Intel in multi-threaded benchmarks, but thanks to the latest chips and their new processing capabilities, we finally see AMD making progress in the gaming performance arena.

It's the first time since I remembered that I was really excited about the new series of Ryzen chips. It will be interesting to see how these new chips compete with the competitors. Especially when considering the 3600, Ryzen's new CPU sells for less than $ 200, which means it has better single-threaded performance than the i9 9900k.

Survival in the computing world is a strange time, Ryzen is at the top of the benchmark list, and its new CPU lineup will put Intel at a disadvantage for the first time in years.

However, it is unknown how long it will last. One thing is for sure; I don't think Intel is left behind and look at this situation and wait for your response!

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