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Amd ryzen 7 4700g renoir desktop apu benchmarks

Desktop AMD Resolies 4000Series APU presents the educated courtesy of the reference points of the uniqueness. Although it is not confirmed by AMD, this can still be the most clearly discovered for the company Renoir's desktop APU plan.

As described above, the reference index itself has appeared through the UserBenchmark entry as an engineering sample. The reference point of

refers to a core of eight cores with RADEON graphics equipped with an AM4 socket and an AMD RZEN of high yield 7 4700 g with 16 yarns. In this case. Unfortunately, the test is concentrated graphically, so there is no performance result of the CPU itself, but even if one of the desktop APU is planned, it is actually that Ryzen 7 4700g confirms.

AMD Ryzen 4700g Discover CPUs, it is recommended that the known escape _Rogame has eight computer units at a clock speed of 1750 MHz. This places it at AMD Ryzen 9 4900HS and pair for GPU clock rates. Compared to the mobile version of Rayzen 4000Series, the desktop model hits the highest TDP counts to provide additional counts, resulting in a greater performance in the integrated GPU.

Leakage points of engineering samples prior to a 3.0 GHz base clock speed, about 4.0 GHz, is close to 4.0 GHz, but the speed of the final product is safely. This is mainly due to the use of Zen architecture 2. This is not just a higher core number, but these will be faster and faster, and improves significant performance in existing ZEN + cores that are currently being distributed currently.

When we can listen to some official AMD news, it seems that the best bet based on the rumor of July and information from industrial experts.

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