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Amd ryzen 5000 cpu stock

The last update was March 15, 2021:

. As the inventory of the Ryzen 5000 series is still very limited, we at WePC have started to advance the sale of CPUs directly to readers. If you are from the UK and looking for Ryzen 5000 series CPUs please visit our online store.

It is almost impossible to get inventory this year. With the launch of every new product from PS5 to Nvidia 30 series GPUs, consumers will find next-generation stocks and robots, and are looking for some available products. So if you missed your hardware of choice in 2020, it's no wonder. But for our British readers, this situation may be about to change, because retailer Scan has outlined the inventory levels of AMD Ryzen 5000 series CPUs, just in time for Christmas.

Scan has accurately described the inventory of each CPU they will receive, as well as the number of pending reservations. So we can see exactly what the situation is and how likely we are to get the desired chip.

To ensure that you get the AMD 5000 series CPU that suits you best, let us understand the specifications in more detail. The highest specification chip in the

5000 series is 5950X. This retail price is up to 799 US dollars, equipped with 16 cores and 32 threads, can provide excellent performance. If you are looking for a CPU that can handle multi-core tasks (such as Adobe Premiere, After Effects or Photoshop) and 3D modeling and rendering programs. Although it is also very suitable for some more demanding games, if you are just looking for game performance, 5950X may be a bit too satisfying for your needs.

If you are looking for a CPU with the best gaming performance, then 5900X may be your best choice. There will not be much difference in performance between this and the 5950X, but the 5900X is cheaper at $549. You can see its performance in various games in our own benchmark video above, and we paired it with the Nvidia 3090 GPU.

Not everyone has enough money to buy an expensive 5900X or 5950X; for you, 5800X may be the perfect choice. Priced at US$449, this is a more affordable option for those looking for next-generation gaming performance.

The cheapest option on the new 5000 series is the 5600X, which costs only $299. This is still a good choice for PC gamers who had a tight budget when building their first PC. However, if you are looking for an upgrade, we recommend that you wait for the price cut to bring it in line with the next-generation 3600X. Or invest more cash and get the upgrades you deserve.

Will you get the Scan 5000 series when new stocks go down? Tell us which CPU you will invest in in the comments below!

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