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Amd ryzen 5000 apu rumors

Although we have just released the Ryzen 4000 Renoir CPU, it seems that we have begun to see some information about the next-generation Ryzen APU.

Dell lists these Ryzen 5000 APUs as moving parts and may replace Ryzen 4000 CPUs in 2021.

These vulnerabilities were first discovered on the Anandtech forum and seem to reveal the fact that AMD has already started working on its next APU production line. Dell also seems to plan to use them in the new 15.6-inch notebook series. Twitter user

_rogame also discussed these vulnerabilities and pointed out that these Cezanne chips are likely to match Intel’s upcoming Tiger Lake processor, which will include its Xe graphics card.

We can see that these Tiger Lake laptops start to decline at the end of 2020 (or early 2021, if there is a delay), and these next-generation 5000 series Cezanne APUs may be launched soon thereafter.

These leaked facts also indicate that these Cezanne chips will be "pin compatible" with Ryzen 4000, which also means that laptop manufacturers do not have to worry about changing the design of their motherboards.

The graphics capabilities of these Cezanne chips can really help them stand out from the competition. Laptops with integrated RDNA 2 graphics will go a long way in the world of budget gaming laptops and can attract a large number of customers.

Although we do not have exact details on the specifications of these laptops, we know that at least four Dell 15.6-inch laptops are detailed in the leak.

These are as follows:

Each of these models is said to have a Freesync panel, but other than that we don't know much. However, the good news is that Dell is already planning its next-gen models.

If we hear more about AMD's plans for its next-generation APU, we will keep you informed.

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