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Amd ryzen 3300x outperform intel i7

The battle is still between Intel and AMD, and the last score of Geekbench 4 further suppressed the focus of closed space between two main processor developers.

AMD AMD 120 Ryzen 3 3300X The processor is rated higher than Intel Core I7 7700K according to GeekBench 4 test. If Intel Core I7 is sold at approximately $ 340, this CPU is excluded by cheap AMD offers.

Intel`s Core I7 7700K was a solid interpreter when Lake Cabbee's architecture was a big problem at that time and was released around 2017. Core i7 7700K has four cores and eight threads, with a basic clock of 4.2 GHz and a 4.5 GHz increase clock When it was released, it was adjusted to people who try to build a high-end system. However, as a matter of course, AMD began to be conducted to Intel, especially in recent years has changed.

AMD Ryzen 3 3300X offers four cores and eight threads, with a basic 3.8 GHz clock and a 4.3 GHz magnification clock. Although your clock speeds are low, the reference points seem to suggest that AMD offers improve The performance of the low rating label. The score

GeekBench 4 has revealed that Ryzen 3 3300x has reached 5,874 single-core scores and multi-core scores 20,948. Meanwhile, Intel Core I7 7700K hits 5,818 Singlecore scores and 20,329 multi-nuclei scores.

It is important to remember the situation as fun as comparing the reference points. Although these are performed in a similar environment, the Intel Z270 PC was executed in a slightly slow ddR4 memory at 3,200 mt / s, but AMD compilations were executed at 3,600 mt / s.

When comparing old new hardware pairs, it is in mind that this technology is a large-scale shock that is improved greatly in recent years. The scope of

Rayzen 3 has recently been announced and can be purchased as of May 2020. This range includes Ryzen 3 3300x and Ratzen 3 3100, using an architecture of Zen 2.

Intel has also updated the ranks. The Core I3 10100 seems to be the main successor of Core I7 7700K. Therefore, it is interesting to compare the new Chip and Ratzen 3. At this time, the core I3 10100 shows that four cores and three threads are constructed with eight threads at a 3.6 GHz, 4.4 GHz pulse clock speed.

Intel is clearly creating a team to announce the range of tenth generation of the new Comet Lake in summer, this will include the CPU CORE I3 10100 above. Once you hear the launch of Comet Lake and other news about the Future Raysen 3 range, it will be updated.

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