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Amd ryzen 3000 series motherboards

After purchasing a series of new TR4 socket motherboards for AMD's upcoming Ryzen Threadripper 3000 series processors in the form of MSI and Gigabyte products earlier this month, due to new leaks, we finally got the price idea.

Comes from the well-known leaker Momomo_us, who posted a series of snapshots of the expected retail price of TR4 motherboards on Twitter. Prices range from AU $ 796.00 to AU $ 1,343.52. Another image shows blurred text, clearly showing that the ASUS Prime TRX40 retail price is AU $ 796.0 and the ASUS ROG Zenith II Extreme retail price is AU $ 1,288.00. This confirms that ASUS is also preparing TR4 socket CPUs in advance. Other

prices do not match the specific model, so we cannot be sure exactly which motherboard they refer to. The price of the

is undoubtedly high (you can buy more decent gaming gear at this price), but it has to do with the territory. The third-generation 7nm 32-core Threadripper Zen2 processor is expected to be among the most expensive CPUs when it launches in November this year, and will have comparable capabilities.

Although the leak is still unproven, as always, we should be very skeptical and treat it as a recommendation rather than a firm confirmation of our expected TR4 motherboard price. However, in our estimates, they meet the rough expectations that manufacturers can expect to pay for the latest series of high-end desktop CPUs from AMD.

We can also expect manufacturers to lower prices when they launch to attract consumers, rather than hitting them with excessive prices up front. So this is another reason to use a little salt to solve the leaking problem, not to show that we need to start saving money before AMD's big Threadripper launches next month.

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