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Amd ryzen 3000 launch where to buy

Last Updated Nov 20, 2019:

We've started updating our AMD Athlon 3000g page, which contains the latest product retailer pages available to pre-order and buy today, check here.

was last updated on November 12, 2019 -

Ryzen 3950X has started to appear in retailers around the world, including Amazon Germany, France and Spain. You can check it out here via our release date page. Additionally, the 3960X and 3970X have started showing up in Amazon retailers as well, and you can now pre-order via our Threadripper release date page.

was last updated on September 2, 2019 - AMD's

3950X is expected to launch sometime in the next 7 days, with many people predicting it will be released on September 7 or September. If you want to know where to buy the AMD 3950X and stay, we will update this page with all the information you need to reserve and buy the Ryzen 3950X CPU. Let us hope that the release is smoother than other third-generation Ryzen chips! You can check our page about AMD 3950X release here.

was last updated on July 9, 2019-Ryzen 3800X is now available in Amazon US!

In addition, please note that third-party vendors selling third-generation Ryzen CPUs on Amazon in the United States are legal. The company has already delivered various Ryzen CPUs that customers have reported to us.

was last updated on July 9th, 2019: Amazon America continues to import and export inventory for the Ryzen 3900X.

was last updated on July 8, 2019: Amazon America has just started working with Ryzen 3600X, Ryzen 3600, and 3400G and 3200G APUs. Amazon Canada has also launched its product page, which is temporarily out of stock but can be ordered-please see the list below.

was last updated on July 7, 2019-the third-generation Ryzen CPU and 5700 series GPU are up and running, Amazon US, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK orders, etc., contact! jobs!

just added additional product links for Amazon Spain, Italy, Germany, and France.

was last updated on July 7, 2019 - Amazon Canada has been updated and the placeholder page for Ryzen 3000 has started to appear. Also, Australia has been updated by booking through MWave.

was last updated on July 7, 2019 - Please update Amazon US and Amazon UK product links and check out all other links, and of course check out more retailer links. Amazon US and UK X570 motherboards are now on the placeholder page.

was last updated on July 7, 2019 - Today is the day 3400G has just been added to Amazon US page, Various CPUs and various additional motherboards have been added to Amazon Italy, Amazon Spain and Amazon France, now through each For all other retailers in the country, it will take several hours.

was last updated on July 6, 2019 - Various motherboards from brands such as MSI, Gigabyte, ASRock and Asus have been added to most countries / regions (including Canada, USA, UK and Europe).

Note: We are still working on the launch page for the AMD Radeon RX 5700 and 5700XT GPUs, which you can visit here.

was last updated on July 5, 2019: Romania added, Italy added, and other products and retailers in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Romania were also checked and Italy.

was last updated on July 5, 2019 - Spain added to portfolio, currently only a few are available. It upgraded France, checked Germany, America, Canada, Italy, and added Novatech to the UK, and immediately added several other retailers to the UK.

was last updated on July 4, 2019 - Additional motherboards and several additional CPUs were added in the UK, Italy, France, and Germany.

With the release of AMD's Ryzen 3000 just days away, people started searching the internet for the best prices for the latest Ryzen CPUs. We've put together this page to help you find the best prices for AMD Ryzen 3000 CPUs and X570 motherboards, so be prepared for the July 7, 2019 release.

We are doing our best to find all relevant retailers and your products to link to each relevant X570 CPU and motherboard. If you know of any other retailer's product pages or any other AMD Ryzen news, please let us know in the comment section below.

yelled at everyone on the / AMD sub reddit. The following information was compiled from sub and from our team's own research. Also, if you are concerned about the prices you may see on the product page, don't worry, most retailers will add placeholder images and prices on the product page until they can be ordered.

In addition, if anyone would like us to review any retailer, please share in the comments section.

Please note: Some of these links, especially links to Amazon, are currently unavailable because Amazon usually places real-time placeholder pages and then overwrites them until publication is approaching, in which case they may not be published. Stayed again until July 7th because there is no booking period.

Note: If you are looking for the latest graphics cards, please check our RX 5700 and 5700XT page, and our Nvidia 20 Super Series GPU page.

AMD Ryzen 3000 is now available in the United States, you can buy it through the US Amazon below!

You can view the Amazon U.S. showcase page here, including all Ryzen CPUs and GPUs: visit the Amazon U.S. store!



Amazon X570 motherboard has started working, MSI must be active!


These prices do not reflect specific retailers, and each retailer may have different prices.

If anyone would like us to review other retailers in Canada, please let us know.


We saw the third-generation Ryzen for the first time in Amazon Canada, right here. I will continue to check, there should be something very vivid

You can live for now (the UK time is 14.30 pm hour time 15.00 pm). You can check here: overclockers reseghers 3000 Page

I can also see what has a base plate x570 available now.


Update: Amazon United Kingdom This package was found very strange, without CPU, but I look right now.

The first glimpse of the CPU, 3900X can be ordered.



These prices do not reflect a specific retailer, and each retailer can have a changed price.

If there are other retailers in Germany, they will notify us to review us for us.


I found most of them, only one Sneaky 3400G will continue trying to hunt it.

Base plate

If someone has other retailers in Italy, they want to verify, please let us know.


continues to review.

Base plate

If someone has other retailers in France, they want us to review it, let us know.


UGH, HIT, France Miss, I'm going to continue reviewing and update soon!

Base plate

If someone has other retailers in Spain, want us to review it, let us know.


Excuse me, my Spanish friend, I'm sophisticated, I can find something in Amazon, but I'll be a powerful atmosphere!

Base plate

If someone has other retailers in Romania, they want us to review it, let us know.



If there are other retailers in Australia, we want to review, let us know.


Base plate

If someone has information about the additional retailer who lives on the Rayzen 3000 or X570 motherboard, share with us. Update this page as soon as possible.

All these are inventory problems and we obtain reference points and we can compare us with the benchmark, as well as Lyzen 5 3600 that we will build with our 5700XT. May. now. We also got 3600 times, 3700 x, 3800 x and 3900 x on their way, so they arrive before the weekend. Therefore, look for some test results immediately, and if someone has a request to test outdoor performance and reference tests.

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