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Amd rx 5500 gpus

According to the recent Linux driver patch, AMD Navi 14 GPU appears to be available in three versions, and the patch itself adds a "peak clock" number to the desktop and mobile versions of the graphics card.

So far, we only know that there are two different GPUs in the upcoming Navi 14 series: RX 5500 and RX 5500XT. This raises the question of where the third option is suitable. Will the Navi 14 chip also appear in the form of an RX 5300 card? The expected layout of the

Navi 14 GPU seems to indicate that the RX 5500 series cards may not be equipped with a full graphics core. So far, we know that AMD has only reviewed series with 1408 RDNA cores, 22 CUs and a total game clock up to 1717MHz. The naming of these

chips also shows that despite the potential of 24 computing units and 1,536 RDNA cores, the RX 5500 XT can only have the above 22 CUs.

began to elaborate on all of these listings, indicating that the 1717MHz part will be Navi 14 XTX. This may also mean that the RX 5500 XT will eventually become a 1408 nuclear card. We can also see in the Linux patch that there are two versions of the game clock in the Navi 14 mobile list: XTM and XLM.

It is speculated that the lower specification chip may be the chip powering the third chip in the RX 5300 series. If AMD plans to keep the same core configuration between chips, but the clock speed and memory of each chip are different, this may make sense.

-Sorcerer Do you think there will really be three different models? Or is it just another crazy rumor before the final release?

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