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Amd ray tracing gpu ces

It seems that AMD is increasingly likely to deploy GPU architectures with real-time ray tracing support to use NVIDIA's GeForce RTX graphics cards.

Although this does not seem to happen in time for Black Friday, we do expect some kind of announcement during CES in January 2020. Given the recent rumors that have surfaced, this seems likely.

According to Chiphell Forum member Wjm47196, AMD will demonstrate the second-generation Radeon DNA Navi GPU architecture at CES in Las Vegas.

Although rumors should always be cautious, Wjm47196's track record should not be underestimated. The Chiphell user had posted a lot of information prior to the release of AMD's first-generation Navi architecture, and it turned out that it was all true.

Another thing worth considering is that we already know that AMD will provide ray tracing support in the future Navi GPU architecture. PlayStation 5 and Xbox's Project Scarlett will use this feature, but based on a custom chip. This means that we can expect this development from AMD soon, but the question is when. However, the

bet on the CES announcement does not mean that the GPU will launch anytime soon. Whenever AMD releases new product announcements or roadmaps in January, they are not released until June or July.

If this announcement is made in January next year, we may not see any announcements for 6 months or more, which is consistent with what AMD has done with previous GPUs in the past.

The next version of AMD's high-end Navi 20 will be based on the 7nm (7nm+) manufacturing process.

With this in mind, we can expect these cards to have faster clocks, higher energy efficiency, more GPU cores, and presumably ray tracing.

This assumes that nothing on the AMD roadmap has changed. Apart from these assumptions, we don't know much about official information. We're still not sure if the Navi 20 will compete with NVIDIA's best graphics cards, or what NVIDIA's graphics cards will look like when Navi 20 launches.

No matter what happens to the graphics card market in the coming months, It looks like we have some exciting announcements and releases to check out.

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