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Amd radeon rx 6000 teased in fortnite easter egg

Perhaps the most obvious indication that AMD is about to start announcing its next-gen graphics cards. An Easter egg was found in the popular Fortnite Battle Royale, suggesting that we might expect the GPU from AMD's official Radeon RX 6000 series of announcements, codenamed "Big Navi."

Streamer MissGinaDarling found an Easter egg hidden in the AMD Battle Arena map:

This will be a natural continuation of AMD's naming scheme for its existing GPUs. The 5000 series was first released in 2017.

If you want to see this Easter egg in person, go to the AMD Battle ArenaAMD Battle Arena. If you look closely, you will find a hidden phone booth outside of the play area, but with a few creative jumps you can get through the top of the wall and reach the phone booth. From there, simply use the phone booth and enter the code "6000" at the terminal.

This may be a sign of how great Fortnite is. They can cross-promote their new GPUs with Nvidia and AMD. Fornite is included in the recently announced upcoming Nvidia RTX 30 GPU series, demonstrating some sophisticated ray tracing features to be added to the game.

AMD is definitely under pressure to provide Nvidia with compelling competitors The launch of the RTX 30 series has left a deep impression on everyone, including not only a significant increase in performance, but also some new features. In recent years, AMD has lost many advantages to Nvidia, but we have prayed that its response to the RTX 30 series is worth the wait.

insists on using WePC to get the latest news on upcoming AMD GPUs. Once we get the hang of them, we'll do some in-depth comparisons between the RX 6000 series and the RTX 30 series.

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