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Amd radeon rx 5500 how to sell guide leaked

AMD seems to have made a small mistake by posting the "how to sell" document on their website. This was quickly removed, but we managed to gather some very interesting information before this happened.

Early last month, we found that the RX 5500 GPU will be available in three versions, but now we have some specifics about its performance. Document

"How to Sell" provides information on who the card will be sold to and how it will be sold to consumers. According to the document, the RX 5500 will be aimed at "mainstream gamers", those who want to play 1080p and those with AMD Radeon Freesync displays.

The card is based on the RDNA architecture. The document says the architecture "provides incredible performance and is optimized for volumetric lighting, blur effects and depth of field."

There is also a specification sheet for the RX 5500. It shows more information on how the card will work.

Finally, when it comes to power consumption, the card will use 110 TBP and the recommended power supply is 500W. This may be the biggest advantage that some users must eliminate from leaks. The second page of document

contains information on the performance of this card compared to its possible competitor (GTX 1650 when playing games at 1080p). Statistics show that users can expect the FPS of games like "Far Cry: New Dawn", "Battlefield 5", "Grand Theft Auto 5" and "Call of Duty: Black Ops 4" to increase around 4050%.

also has performance data for popular esports games, such as Fortnite (27% increase), Apex Legends (37% increase), PUBG (30% increase), Overwatch (52% increase), and Rainbow Six Siege. (38% increase).

These new cards will also support all AMD software, including AMD Overlay, AMD AntiLag, and AMD ReLive. The

RX 5500 falls into the category of "performance" expressed by AMD. They include a convenient table showing that the card can handle web browsing (we hope!), Photo and video editing, watching HD and 4k video, rip-free gaming, smooth game streaming, and full AAA games. However, once it reaches 1440p and VR games, the card starts to struggle; For this, you need an "enthusiast" card, such as the RX 5700

. However, with AMD's new line of cards, the truth is that if we see the 5500XT version, this card will not be as high in the lineup as some users. want, which can be relieved.

Since this news comes from a "quick reference" card that will be used for marketing and sales of the RX 5500, we have no reason to doubt these statements. Some users may experience better or worse results depending on their situation, but this is only as good as the specific stats we expected before launch.

Speaking of price points, we hope that AMD will price this card at a price that suits its specifications. Although they may not meet the expectations of some users, if the price reflects it, it will still be an attractive card for low-budget buyers.

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