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Amd radeon mi100 leak

Ever since we saw the arrival of Vega-based MI50 and MI60 accelerators based on the 7nm process node in 2018, rumors about new chips continue to emerge, and they seem to be large. The

chip, code-named Arcturus, was first mentioned by AMD staff in 2018, but now rumors seem to suggest that this Vega-derived GPU may have some very impressive specifications, all specifications are included in the TDP package, 200W lower. Twitter user

Komachi_Ensaka said that the leak showed that the 32GB HMB card has up to 8192 cores, the base clock is 1 GHz, and the boost clock is 1.33 GHz.

Although it is surprising how much performance can be included in a data center GPU, AMD's major hardware improvements are not unheard of. In the past, AMD used binning to improve the performance of its graphics cards because Radeon Nano is more energy efficient than subsequent 16nm Polaris graphics cards.

They have also improved on Vega watches. The GPU in the Ryzen Mobile 4,000 announcement has a much higher clock frequency than the old 12nm APU. This may be because the latest Vega architecture of the 7nm process is more efficient.

In recent news, AMD Threadripper 3990X managed to achieve twice the number of cores of 3970X while still running on the same 280W power band. This is achieved by reducing the clock speed.

Before we get close to the release of these cards, it is difficult to determine the target audience. At this point, it seems unlikely that we will see the Arcturus project enter the consumer market with AMD's Navi card as an ideal solution. The

card is likely to be used in data centers and even high performance computing in the future.

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