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Amd partners oxide games streaming tech

AMD and Oxide Gaming have established a multi-year partnership to develop game streaming technology. Given that many users are dissatisfied with the launch of Google Stadia, and Nvidia's GeForce Now loses games left, right, and center, it's not surprising that AMD wants to take advantage of this.

game streaming has made great strides in recent years. With more and more gamers unable to afford high-end gaming consoles, many people turn to services like Google Stadia for fun.

However, this is also a difficult journey. Due to lack of games and connection issues, some games, such as FPS games, are close to unplayable.

Although AMD currently produces GPUs for both Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud, this does not prevent them from broadening their horizons.

If you haven't heard of Oxide Games, they made the popular game "Embers of the Singularity" in 2016. This game is developed on the Nitrous engine and is one of the first games to support Vulkan and DirectX 12.

Taking into account the technological advancements Oxide Games has made to "The Ashes of the Singularity", especially in terms of rendering active drives, we can see why AMD chose to cooperate with them, even if they have not yet released a follow-up game.

Speaking of partnerships, Oxide Games President Marc Meyer said, "Oxide's motto is to bring games to life that have never been seen or experienced before. We built the Nitrous Engine specifically for this purpose." The

Nitrous engine is well suited for those running AMD hardware because it can scale better on more cores. Marc Meyer continued: "AMD's commitment to gamers and its leadership to drive the latest hardware is the perfect complement to Oxide's commitment to the same great software." association, and when we can see this new technology, we will notify you in time.

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