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Amd outsells intel

As many people have long believed, AMD’s sales in CPU sales surpass Intel, or a new study by German retailer based on sales data over the past five years shows. The data collected by

is limited to German territory, which shows that there are some inherent obstacles to making statements about global sales, but the sample size is still large enough to make some assumptions. The

turning point seems to be the launch of products based on the AMD Zen architecture. With the launch of Summit Ridge in 2017, AMD’s sales have slanted exponentially, surpassing Intel in mid-2018, and has maintained its leading position. Data shows that AMD’s current sales are twice that of Intel. attributed the changing of the guard to the inherent performance improvements provided by the Zen 1 architecture. But it is the launch of AMD's 7nm Zen 2 HEDT technology that really makes this ship stand out, namely Matisse . With an IPC that matches Intel, AMD can progress with more cores and lower prices.

This is interesting because HEDT chips are generally not sold in large numbers, but AMD has successfully lured customers into buying generally more expensive products. Intel has been working hard to solve this problem for a long time due to the excessively high pricing structure. Unopposed, Matisse chips are selling very well, increasing AMD's wealth by substantially expanding the market rather than stealing Intel stock.

As mentioned above, this does not represent a global chip trend, but it is possible to gain insight into AMD's success in regaining market share despite Intel's long-term dominance.

Whether this trend will spread to other regions remains to be seen, but it is very likely to spread, and AMD has limited any suspicion to the past, that is, it lives in the shadow of Intel.

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