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Amd nvidia killer navi 23

The rumor of the high-end NVIDIA killer at work with the round rounds of AMD HQ for a few months, but the latest nuggets have the next built-in hardware function of the next GPU of Navi 23 GPU for late tracking.

Recent patent applications and all advice in accordance with the Council, Navi 23 are AMD's first GPU and has a hardware rays trace. 3444 In-line with the tracking of hardware rays, navigation 23 includes functions such as fluctuating shading, the calculation of the calculation mixture, the best slave, the clock instruction by order and advanced voltage adjustment.

This is a new confirmation that the Notorious Chip actually realistic from the Linux driver update.

The Linux code insinuated three separate GPUs from the AMD Radeon RX 600 series based on 7nm + process technology and the RDNA2 architecture of the next session.

Navi 23 is also expected to directly with the NVIDIA RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 TI graphics cards. The NVIDIA killer, which closes the

card, is not necessarily what is waiting, but always a dose of skepticism is the prerequisite.

I imagine that Navi 23 challenges Nvidia's existing high-end range, but the GPU giant seems to be recovered away to prepare the next GPU Ampere chip. The Navi 10 Rx 5000 series implemented 7nm technology and worked well to challenge NVIDIA, but there is still a lot to demonstrate that it will coincide with the power efficiency of Nvidia architecture.

Anything is an extremely important year since 2020 occurs in all cylinders in both GPU and CPU domains.

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