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Amd navi 23 rdna 2 gpu power radeon rx

It looks like we have more information about AMD’s upcoming RDNA 2 card this week. So far, all attention has been focused on the "Big Navi" GPU, which will be released later this year to compete with Nvidia's Ampere graphics card.

At the same time, some other variants worth seeing will appear. According to the recent leak of _rogame, the GPU ID of the Navi 23 chip was leaked, and the ID of its graphics architecture will be GFX1032.

So far, we know that Navi 21 is the so-called "Big Navi" chip, which will be used in Radeon RX cards. This will be the first Navi 2X chip that consumers can buy, and it is likely to be aimed at those looking for the best product.

Judging from this leak, Navi 23 seems to be the main chip in the Navi 2X series. For those who cannot go out and leave a lot of cash on their Big Navi card, this should help make them more affordable.

Based on AMD’s past naming of its chips, these numbers tend to focus on their production time rather than the level of performance they will provide. This means that Navi 23 will not necessarily outperform Navi 21.

Navi 21, 22 and 23 chip sizes have also been exposed:

It can be said that Navi 23 is expected to be almost as large as Navi 10 GPU (251 square millimeters). Some sources indicate that this shows that the Navi 23 GPU is more like an upgrade than a new model, but we have to wait and see in this regard. Although, if it is used as an upgrade, we can see that the performance is better than the Radeon RX 5500/5600 series (hopefully) at a lower price. Since there is no clear release date for

, most of the current rumors seem to indicate that we can see these graphics cards landing around September 2020, perhaps before we see the next generation of consoles landing. If we see Big Navi, Ampere GPU and next-generation game consoles landing,

will be the dynamic ending of 2020, but we are eager to participate in everyone's benchmark test.

Let us know what you think about the Navi 23 leak. Do you think it will be more like a newer next-gen GPU or just a bit cheaper? We love hearing all of your thoughts, so be sure to leave us a comment below.

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