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Amd motherboard power adjustments cpu lifespan

Recently revealed information indicates that some X570 motherboard vendors misreported key metrics for AMD Ryzen processors to exaggerate performance.

motherboard vendors are adjusting the motherboard inventory power limit to allow the processor to consume more power, therefore increasing its number listed on the product page. However, this will also generate more heat, which sadly affects the life of the chip. It's a fairly standard procedure for

motherboard vendors to adjust chip inventory power limits. Almost all vendors will adjust Intel chips. However, Intel approved these power limit adjustments. This is because these settings will not affect the life of the chip.

For AMD chips, there is no such warranty. According to a post by The Stilt on the HWinfo board, this can result in shorter processor life.

"Bottom line: Some motherboard manufacturers deliberately declare incorrect (too small) motherboard specific benchmarks in AGESA. Since the AM4 Ryzen CPU relies on the telemetry of the motherboard VRM to determine its power consumption, an incorrect baseline value declared will affect the power consumption seen by the CPU. For example, if the motherboard manufacturer declares 50% of the correct value, the CPU will think that the power it consumes is half of the actual consumption,” The Stilt explained in the post.

forum users continue to explain why this is a problem and why people should Aware of it.

"In this case, the CPU will allow itself to consume twice as much power as its set power limit even if it is in stock. Due to the effective high power limitation, it allows the CPU to register higher; however, it also makes the CPU run hotter and may negatively affect its life span, just like overclocking. The difference compared to overclocking or using AMD PBO is that this is done completely in secret, and in the past, most end users could not detect or react. "

HWinfo, en In response, it announced a new feature called "CPU Power Report Deviation". This allows users to detect any inaccuracies in the motherboard firmware. It is free to download, and all you need to do is Let your CPU pass the multi-threaded test. This will help monitor the actual value.

"Because at least two of the largest motherboard manufacturers still insist on using this kind of vulnerability to gain an advantage over the competition, despite constant demands and Being told not to do this, we think it’s fair to let consumers see if their license plates are doing what they want to do,” HWinfo said.”

If you take action, this is of course something you need to consider. Currently owns or is considering purchasing AMD CPU and X570 motherboard. If we hear any updates on this, we will keep you posted.

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