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Amd milan cpu

Stage HPE CAST 2019, AMD has announced new new ideas in future work stations and server species 7nm + Zen 3 EPYC processor.

"These third-generation CPUs" are known for "10 nm and 14 nm ++ based in Intel's Intel Xeon conversion" known as "Milan". The land is achieved by watt performance as an Intel chip.

Recently announced the Zen 2 EPYC processor Some aspects of the EPYC processor are the characteristics of Milanosip, and the nucleus with the greatest attention established in a significant increase in the count of threads.

AMD improves the watt yield of Milan by introducing 20% more transistors than Rome CPU thanks to 7nm + technology.

of what we understand, the first iteration of the Milan CPU is used in the Perlmutter Supercomputer.

Milan rounded the rival Intel well Combination Ice Lake Pass and this summer round.

As always, AMD provides this highest performance at lower costs than Intel, and fascinates the location of AMD as an executable alternative to the Landscape of Intel CPU.

AMD will launch EPYC Milan by 2020, but did not provide a more accurate release window. The AMD front movement is working in Zen 4 Chip and Genoa. This should have been recently updated 20192022 Roadmap to see the daylight up to 2022.

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