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Amd leak ryzen 4000 series

Since the first release of the Mobile 4000 series during CES 2020 this year, Internet users have been looking for any information or leaks related to this upcoming product.

The latest leak shared by Twitter user _rogame shows that some of AMD’s high-end options outperform Intel’s products in benchmark tests. The

Benchmarks shown in the tweet are from 3DMark 11, which focuses on graphs and physical scores. We have seen the performance of the Ryzen 4000 processor in these benchmark tests almost reaching the desktop level, and this leak shows that they are consistent at this level. Compared with the benchmark 11,194 of the Intel Core i710710U and the 3DMark 11 score of the Intel Core i71065G7 of 9,640, the Ryzen 7 4800U scored an impressive 12,490. Considering that AMD processors only run at 15W TDP, while Intel products run at 25W TDP, this is impressive.

In terms of comparative graphics, the AMD Ryzen 3 4300U scoring 3355 vulnerability shown in the tweet is a huge improvement compared to the Intel Core i710710U score. The trend of

in recent months really shows that AMD is no longer the darling of the processor market. The impressive Threadripper CPU seems to pull Intel's products in terms of price and performance out of the water, and the upcoming mobile processors also hope to do this. We do see the turbulence in the CPU market.

This also brings some impressive sales figures for AMD, which will certainly please many of its investors. In the mobile market, Intel has always performed better than AMD, but it seems that this situation will soon change.

Although this is just a guess so far, all leaks should be solved with a little salt, but the real test will be after the final release of these processors. It remains to be seen how many manufacturers will choose AMD over Intel.

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