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Amd launches rx 590 gme gpu

AMD seems to have launched a series of four Polaris 20 XTX RX 590 GPUs in the Chinese market.

In addition to AMD's launch of cheaper and cheaper graphics cards, this move is also very interesting, because it shows that AMD has not fully converted the production of Ryzen CPUs and Radeon GPUs to 7nm technology. And this, although confirmed on the recent AMD 2020 Financial Analyst Day, it is unclear whether they will liquidate the remaining inventory through a slight rebranding or actively manufacture new low-cost cards.

includes Radeon RX 590 GME manufactured by XFX. Apart from reviewing the Chinese website Expreview, there is nothing to do. The

card has an increased clock speed of 1460 MHz, 2304 cores, 8 GB of GDDR5 memory, and uses a 14nm Polaris 20 XTX GPU. Since the non-GME XFX version of the RX 590 uses the 12nm Polaris 30 process, this makes the name a bit confusing XTX AND can achieve an increased clock speed of 1600MHz.

This is interesting because the RX The less powerful 590 of POWERCOLOR and the 12nm Polaris 30 XTX can reach 1545 MHz instead of the 1380 MHz of the slower POWERCOLOR Red Dragon RX 590 GME. The suggestion is that the RX 590 GME may be more similar to the slightly overclocked RX 580, which reaches a clock speed of 1340 MHz without any patches.

In Expreview's review, the overclocking potential of the XFX RX 590 GME is not very encouraging. Due to the hurdles of fast-appearing problems, it is difficult for the card to exceed 80 MHz.

Regardless of what you are doing AMD, the review did not develop the GPU in the best way, leading consumers to turn to the more expensive RX 5500 XT as a more viable alternative with better performance and greater overclocking potential.

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