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Amd integer scaling

You may soon be able to reproduce pixel art gems like Stardew Valley without the blurry images that plague higher resolutions with AMD GPUs.

According to the October Linux driver patch file, AMD is configured to add integer scaling to its Radeon graphics driver. At the end of last month, there were no less than 14 direct references to this feature in the Linux patch, indicating that it will come sooner or later. This clip was obtained via Twitter by 0x22h. The

deployment is likely to be announced with the major Adrenalin driver update in December.

Integer scaling is not the cutting edge technology you are talking about. It can be said that it is a relatively specialized technology, but it is still the most requested feature by AMD GPU users so far, as evidenced by the survey sent to users on the Adrenalina comment page.

This feature allows low-fidelity games (such as those with lovely pixel art styles and retro titles) to appear clearer and clearer at higher resolutions (especially 1440p and 4K). In other words, the graphics are magnified with greater fidelity. It also has the advantage of updating old games at high resolution, so they look significantly better.

Without it, graphics have a unique murky quality, which can be dizzying, and with the advent of higher resolutions, this sort of thing has attracted gamers.

Intel and Nvidia have implemented integer scaling in recent months, so it makes sense for AMD to do so, and as mentioned above, there is a clear need for this feature.

It will be interesting to see if AMD offers integer scaling for its entire Radeon GPU series or just some of the newer models. NVIDIA’s version of this feature was released in August, but it is only available for Gen 11 and higher GPUs.

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