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Amd fsr supported games

AMD FSR is AMD’s upcoming resolution scaling technology, and we should see for the first time on June 22, 2021 that

Videocardz released a leak of the list of games that we know will be compatible with AMD’s scaling technology. At this stage, compared with the list of games that support DLSS, it is not a very long list; however, the list of publishers that have promised to support the technology is much more impressive, indicating that support for the technology around the world will be a big deal in the future. good sign. Most industries. Read the complete list below!

AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution (also known as AMD FSR) is a red team enhancement technology, a technology that convincingly converts lower resolution images into higher resolution images.

DLSS is the technical version of Nvidia, and it is still the market leader. It uses artificial intelligence and vector support to extend the resolution to higher standards than more basic technologies. In the game, it essentially cut corners in the rendering process, which means you can play the game at 4K resolution without having such a big impact on the FPS in the game.

The enhanced version from AMD is somewhat different: FSR does not use deep learning / artificial intelligence like DLSS, nor does it have vector support. It certainly won't be as powerful or effective as DLSS; however, unlike Nvidia, AMD does not use this. The technology is limited to its own products, and FSR will eventually be used for Nvidia GPUs, once it is properly optimized (but is expected to appear later).

In the end, AMD may have made a tactical mistake in describing FSR as a competitor to DLSS because its technology is not that advanced and instead inevitably malfunctions.

When AMD FSR is released on June 22, 2021, it will be immediately supported by the following headings:

Following the launch of AMD FSR, the following headings are expected to support the technology:

Although we have not yet confirmed what news is in en This stage Other games will support FSR, and there is a long list of game developers promising to support this technology, so we should expect AMD FSR to support a large number of games from the following studios:

If you want to enable AMD FSR on your machine (Unless you are using DLSS 2.0, otherwise why not?), we ask that you watch the video below, which will walk you through the entire process. Also, be sure to check out our article on the latest FSR controllers and how to get the most out of FSR performance.

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