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Amd epyc chips

It is estimated that by the end of 2020, AMD's EPYC CPU may occupy more than 10% of the server processor market. Although the 10% is not completely in line with market dominance, when we consider this, AMD's feat has caused the company not to join the server processor market until 2017. According to

DigiTimes, market watchers estimate that The second-generation EPYC CPU has drawn orders from major IT entities like IBM, Amazon and Dell to match, laying the groundwork for AMD to gain a tenth of the server market. Part of the appeal is the inherent performance of the EPYC chips, thanks to their high cores and thread counts comparable to equivalent Intel CPUs.

In addition to heavyweight interests, asyetun's third-generation AMD EPYC chips are increasingly associated with upcoming supercomputer builds, including cutting-edge supercomputers from the US Department of Energy.

are currently being believes that AMD has a 5% market share, up from the 4.8% officially mentioned by AMD earlier this year, and this figure is increasing exponentially every day.

It is interesting that the official figures did not consider the launch of the second generation Rome EPYC chip. This means that due to the improvements implemented in the newer EPYC chips, the growth rate will accelerate. In view of this, even if it is not a foregone conclusion, a 10% market share seems too reasonable.

Although Intel still dominates, for now, as AMD enters the stratosphere of the server market and AMD's ambitious roadmap for 2022, it will definitely catch on. The far future.

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