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Amd cpu production xbox series x playstation 5

Expectations for the end of this year are high, because both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 will be launched during the holidays. This means that AMD has been eager to increase its CPU output to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

AMD provides chips for two game consoles. These processors will use AMD's latest Zen 2 architecture and match the corresponding Navi GPU.

AMD recently issued a statement saying that production will increase in the next quarter. Therefore, the pandemic does not seem to stop them.

AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su said on a recent earnings conference call: “We expect semi-entrepreneurial revenue to increase in the second quarter and account for a large proportion in the second half of the year because we have increased production to support the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X game console.”

However, AMD’s success in this area depends in part on whether Microsoft and Sony can also complete it on schedule.

Everyone is worried that the COVID19 pandemic will cause delays for all parties. Although there are no signs of delays, people’s concerns are understandable.

Dr. Su Lisha said, this sounds very encouraging, so it looks like we will have the expected launch at the end of the year without much trouble. AMD's commitment to increasing chip production should mean that both Microsoft and Sony will get enough chips for their game consoles, provided there are no other setbacks.

If there is more news about the mass production of AMD chips or the release schedule of Sony or Microsoft, we will notify you in time.

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