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Amd cpu outperform intel

So far, we all know that AMD has done some special things in the field of processing. With the monstrous Ryzen Threadripper 3990X processor recently released, confidence has reached the highest level ever. This success has also resonated with investors. With processors outpacing competitors and stock prices on the rise, it has been a great year for AMD so far.

While data from any analyst should be treated with caution, AMD's uptrend looks very promising. According to data recently released by Mercury Research, AMD's notebook computer processors have an annual growth rate of 4% and a market share of 16.2%.

This trust and belief in AMD also had a positive impact on its stock price. This is good news for investors. RBC Capital Markets research analyst Mitch Steves believes that these "PC share growth will continue to enter the market share range of about 20%."

As Intel CPUs are out of stock, AMD Ryzen sales Soaring, Intel’s pressure to fight back is really great. Don't forget that compared with the third-generation Ryzen processor, AMD's upcoming Ryzen 4000 product will provide users with a significant performance improvement, with a performance increase of 20%.

With Financial Analyst Day scheduled for March 5 of this year, we can find some surprises there as well. We may get more tips on Arcturus data center GPUs, and we may even see the emergence of new Navi graphics cards, which will be comparable to Nvidia's best products.

It is not yet known how Intel will respond, but they must act quickly. As AMD expects to gain around 30% of the market share in the field of server processors, this is a bit too close to the market that Intel has historically dominated.

Intel may choose to focus only on the CPU market to come back and may cut prices across the board. However, this is just a guess now, we just have to wait and see what the future holds.

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