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Amd confirms x570 b550 motherboards compatible ryzen zen 3

Although Intel is introducing new chipsets and sockets, AMD has confirmed that its existing X570 and B550 chipset motherboards will be compatible with its next-generation Ryzen Zen 3 architecture processors. The

news is related to AMD’s commitment in 2016 to support AM4 sockets by 2020. Four years later, AMD reiterated its commitment to compatibility, which will satisfy PC owners and manufacturers.

AMD revealed this in a blog post written by Robert Hallock, AMD's chief technology officer. Hallock explained: "Yes! AMD officially plans to support the next generation AMD Ryzen desktop processors with the "Zen 3" architecture on AMD X570 and B550 motherboards. This will require updating the BIOS. Specific details about this update will be provided later, but we are committed to providing you with the latest information. We have also updated our official CPU/chipset support matrix to take into account future "Zen 3" processors.

If you want to use your own next-generation CPU, you don't have to wait too long. The AMD 5000 series will be released globally on November 5, 2020. They will release four different chips at launch:

. Please check our full information page here to get them first: Where to buy and AMD Zen 3 CPU

is in practice, which will allow those with AMD’s latest AM4 People with one of the socket chipset motherboards buy and use one of the Zen 3 CPUs without having to pay cash to buy a new motherboard. Unlike Intel, AMD will allow owners to upgrade their CPUs without having to spend a lot of money to replace the two most expensive parts of its build.

This not only covers 500 series motherboards, but also includes some 400 series motherboards. Although many people believe that compatibility will end on B550 and X570 motherboards, AMD has since confirmed that owners of B450 and X470 motherboards can also enjoy the new Zen 3.

CPU. However, all compatible 400 and 500 series motherboards are required Update the BIOS to use the new chip. Although the BIOS update for the 500 series motherboards is ready to be released, those who use older motherboards will have to wait a while. The BIOS

update for the B450 and X470 motherboards will not be available until January 2021. Even so, these updates will still be in the testing phase. So if you can't wait to get a new AMD Ryzen 5000 series CPU, you might want to consider upgrading.

Be sure to check out our guide on how to update the BIOS so that you are ready when the new CPU arrives:

If you want to buy a new motherboard for AMD 5000 series chips, you'd better use one of the newer ones. 500 series motherboards. Although you can choose the older X470 or B450 and save some money, it is not clear what these motherboards will look like in the future. AMD has promised to keep its AM4 socket boards compatible for longer, rather than changing compatibility every few generations. However, since they are already limiting which 400 series boards can work, it makes sense to assume that this margin will continue to shrink in future generations. However, you now risk spending more on the motherboard and as a result the next-gen chip is no longer compatible with the AM4 socket. However, the performance upgrade from 400 series boards to 500 series pays off in the long run.

If you want to know more about the best motherboards in each series, check out our detailed guide below to make sure you pick the right motherboard for you:

As for when we can expect AMD to put the AM4 socket to use and As Hallock explained , "This will depend on the industry I / O technology schedule. These technological changes generally require adjustments to the number of pins or the arrangement of the processor package, which will require a new socket. We have no questions about the details. Specific to this roadmap or program should be shared, but we know it's important to keep it up to date, we will. ”BIOS update

may cause some issues, especially for those who buy X570 and Zen 3 chips specifically For people with motherboards B550, there is no replacement CPU to load the update and switch to the new CPU, but we think AMD will find a solution, maybe in form of a USB solution or short-term use. CPU from the starter kit as in the past.

However, this is good news, and it further proves that AMD intends to distinguish itself from its biggest rival's strict slot/chipset/CPU arrangement.

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