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Amd confirmed ps5 rdna gpu

In AMD's 2020 Financial Analyst Day webcast, AMD appears to have confirmed a key detail about the upcoming PlayStation 5. They suggested that the PlayStation 5 will be equipped with an RDNA 2-based GPU, which means the console can use the same. GPU than the upcoming Xbox Series X.

. We already know that both game consoles will use AMD's Zen 2 CPU architecture. and some kind of AMD Navi GPU technology. In recent months, it was called RDNA 2, although it was called Navi 2X on Financial Analyst Day.

RDNA 2 is the upcoming GPU architecture from AMD. This is a development of the original RDNA technology released in 2019, and AMD claims that performance per watt will increase by 50%. In addition, there will be built-in ray tracing technology.

Rick Bergman, Executive Vice President of Computing and Graphics at AMD, said: "We are on the cusp of the next generation. The next generation of game consoles will use our latest Zen technology and also our latest RDNA technology, through the tracing of lightning, the 3D audio and fast loading time really create this immersive experience and really pique the interest of a new generation of games. "

Microsoft has confirmed that RDNA 2 will appear on the new Xbox Series X, but Sony has not officially confirmed the PlayStation 5. Although there is no clear confirmation, it is fair to assume from Bergman's quote that it refers to AMD's RDNA 2 technology. .

Of course, we are all looking forward to seeing the next generation of game consoles. When we learn more, we will notify you of the details. There may be a PlayStation 5 announcement sometime in the next few months, because we have already obtained quite a lot of details from Microsoft. However, nothing has been confirmed, and all we can do is wait.

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