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Amd big navi nvidia killer gpu

There are rumors that AMD is about to launch a "Big Navi" graphics card, which is currently being tested in the United States.

Considering what AMD CEO Lisa Su has said, we are very confident that AMD's Big Navi graphics card will be out sometime in 2020. "I can tell you will see Big Navi in 2020."

Some people call it an "Nvidia killer" because it looks like it will become Nvidia's biggest competitor in the GPU market. But so far, how much do we know about its performance?

The latest rumor was first discovered by Guru3D, from the Chiphell forum. If you want to believe the rumors and refer to Navi 21, there is currently limited information. If it is being tested, of course, if all goes well, we think these results will be released soon.

rumors indicate that Big Navi, Navi 21 GPU will have 80 computing units (CU) and will be built on the RDNA2 architecture, revealing interesting and bold changes compared to the existing architecture used in Navi cards. The

RDNA2 architecture may provide some hardware acceleration for those who wish to use ray tracing. This is considered a way to keep up with Nvidia products through RTX graphics cards that already support ray tracing.

We are interested in clock speed because it is difficult to estimate the power and performance that the card will provide based on the computing unit and RDNA2 architecture alone. So far,

rumors claim that this card has 30 stars than Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 2080 Ti. This will definitely disrupt the market, but we are currently unable to be sure that this is accurate. The

graphics card may be exactly what AMD needs to provide in response to current and future Nvidia products. We expect Nvidia to release its next-generation Ampere graphics cards this year, so it will be interesting to see what AMD has to say about this.

Of course, even though it is currently in the testing phase, we still cannot really predict what the performance will look like. However, so far, everything has shown that it is a giant GPU comparable to the best competitors in its class.

Are we eager to see what AMD will release next year? Are you looking forward to this Big Navi card too? Please let us know in the comments below.

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