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Amd b550 chipset motherboard first look

Although we've known about AMD's B550 chipset for some time, the red team hasn't said anything about what it will offer to budget PC makers using AMD Ryzen 3000 series processors. AMD hasn't even officially released the chipset, which has led to widespread speculation about what it will bring.

A new image of a motherboard with a BB550 chipset supposedly from the manufacturer has appeared on the internet, provided by VideoCardz. Apparently the motherboard comes from the Chinese manufacturer SOYO. This suggests that manufacturers can prepare for AMD's announcement before introducing new low-cost motherboards to consumers.

According to reports, this motherboard is called "Beggar Motherboard" within SOYO, which refers to the generic name of China's cheap motherboards.

Although the details are few, the motherboard with the BB550 chipset seems to support PCIe 4.0 in all slots, while the B550A chipset only supports a limited single slot. It seems to be facing AM4 slot CPU, it has two dual DDR4 slots, USB 3.1 and two PCI slots. The

Formatwise motherboard is MicroATX, as VideoCardz pointed out, it has a "brown PCB, red PCIe slot and blue VGA connector" with a dragon pattern engraved on the motherboard. It doesn’t look like the highest quality motherboard we’ve seen, and further supports AMD’s proposal to firmly target the BB550 in the budget gaming market. The leaks before

hinted at the specifications of the BB500 chipset, which allegedly includes two USB 3.2 Gen 2, six USB 2.0, 4 + 4 SATA, 8 PCIe Gen 2 and 4 Gen 3 channels, RAID 0, 1, 10, dual GPU support and overclocking support.

As there is no official news from AMD, all this is still speculative, but according to the latest leaks, we are likely to see the B550 chipset sooner.

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