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Amd 8 core ryzen 7 4700g apu pictured

We have heard about this APU during the last months, but until now I am seeing the photo so far. This luxury APU is clearly the final version of this chip, which may not be too long until Renoir AM4 is displayed in the store.

The image is originally displayed on and shows the chip with 100 million OPN code. Using the current generation based on silicon "Picasso", this new CPU can provide high clock speed for the core of the CPU and the GPU core. However, we analyze the updated number of core, but these processors provide up to eight computer units, but the previous generation rose to 11, but affirms that the CU is lower. The graphic performance improves by optimization, which has yet been done, one of them is the GPU clock rate.

The escape this week from Igor`slab indicated all OPN lists of the AMD Renoir desktop processor. In this list, AMD Ryzen 7 4700g can also make an appearance with the same OPN code of 100 million.

This is a basic 3.6 GHz clock, approximately 4.4.4 GHz Boost watch and a chip with a GPU boost watch. Increase. 2100 MHz clock. These specifications are trying to set Rayzen 7 4700g for the Intel Core i710700 processor recently published. Both chips have 8 cores and 16 yarns with 65 W TDP

We need to wait a little longer and wait for Realworld Benchmark before you can get these two chip performance ideas. For now, we have to do it in statistics.

We will make sure that we notify you if we hear more news about these future renoir processors. Check all the latest news to capture all the latest news.

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