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Amd 64 core threadripper 3990x

In order to wait for the Ryzen Threadripper 3960X and 3970X and 3950x versions released today, AMD announced that it is working hard to provide a 64-core variant of its new third-generation Threadripper CPU in 2020.

When the manufacturer talks about the details of the 3990X, the chip’s caution is understandable. We know that the processor will have 64 cores, 128 threads, a huge L2 and L3 combined cache of 288 MB and 280 W of TDP. Unfortunately, we still don't know what will happen in terms of base clock speed and boost.

AMD’s marketing department touts the Threadripper 3990X as "a CPU that will rule them in 2020." In view of the improved specifications compared to the 32-core/64-thread Threadripper 3970X, we expect the cost of the 3990X to be higher.

At the time of writing, we have no information on when it is expected to be released to the public, although 2020 is almost guaranteed given the marketing slogan. The previously leaked internal programming plan indicated that the CPU was initially scheduled for full release in January of next year. However, considering the delay in launching other Threadripper models, we may have to wait a bit to find out more about the Ryzen Threadripper 3990X.

As for our expectations of the 3990X, we believe it will follow in the footsteps of its weaker brothers and sisters. AMD will be eager to target the high-end desktop market and users who need performance to cope with heavy workloads. We are talking about tasks that depend on rendering, such as video editing, 3D modeling, data science, simulation, and software development. The

64 core (the world's first consumer desktop CPU) should significantly improve the performance of the already available 3970X, although this number depends largely on how the additional cores are integrated into the architecture. To be sure, the 3990X will further consolidate the third-generation Threadripper's position as the fastest desktop processor on the market.

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