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Amd 5000 series game performance

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Although many of us are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to access the new AMD Ryzen 5000 series CPUs, some benchmarks and performance data have started to appear online, although the embargo is still on. vigor. We are particularly interested in a YouTube leak from Brazil, it showed that the game performance of the 5900X, 5800X and 5600X models three CPU-5950X is coming soon.

Tested these CPUs with ASUS TUF B550M motherboard and compared them to Intel Core i9 10900K CPU on ASUS TUF Z490Plus gaming motherboard. Both setups use the same power supply and memory clocked at 3600Hz.

Our new Brazilian YouTuber's best friend Pichau tested the CPU in 15 different games, from GTA5 in 2013 to the recently released Watchdogs Army. Although each of these CPUs is targeted at a different market, they all compare to a single Intel-Intel Core i9 10900K CPU, which was inventory tested and overclocked at 5.0 GHz. See the chart below to see how they compare. The new AMD CPUs:

Through these benchmarks, they seem to back up AMD's claims in recent demos that AMD 5000 series chips outperform 10900K in most games. Surprisingly, compared to the previous generation Ryzen 5 3600XT, the new CPU doesn't seem to have grown too big, which again begs the question: is it worth upgrading to the new 5000 series CPU?

We continue to retain our criteria until we master the CPU ourselves and run them through our own benchmarks (we will release them soon!). But what do you think? Will you update? Let us know in the comments!

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