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Amazons new world mmorpg closed beta launches next month

Yesterday, during PC Gamer’s E3replacement PC Gaming Show, Amazon took full advantage of the attention of tens of thousands of players and announced that it will launch a closed beta for its ambitious MMORPG New World on July 23.

is still the first large-scale stress test of MMORPG, and the closed beta version will be available to all people who deposit cash in advance by booking before the official release of the new world. Players will get some exclusive items for participation, including fist strike emoticons, guild shields and amulets.

As explained by David Verfaillie, Director of Player Experience at New World, “What we want to see most is how the game maintains scale. We want to know how the server behaves, the degree of latency-free playback, and whether the frame rate is good. We will get a lot of information about how it is played.

As for the fixed release date, Amazon announced that the new world will be officially launched globally on August 25. Previously, it was initially postponed from May due to launch obstacles. For the coronavirus pandemic and moving from home development to work.

Amazon also prepared a new PvP battle trailer for this. In all respects, the battle in the new world will be a fierce battle, with hilts, fireworks, muskets, and magical abundance, as well as all the fantasy tropes you expect from a worthy MMORPG. However, the lack of non-stylized inUI material means that we still don't know how the new world will work. A lot of gameplay may help to inspire gamers who are interested in Amazon's MMORPG genre but don't fully believe in it.

The launch of a new MMORPG in 2020 seems to be an outdated attempt to reignite the heyday of the genre in the late 2000s, but Amazon seems to intend to bring enough novelty to the formula to attract genre enthusiasts and fans. In particular, the promise of large-scale battles and fort siege involving up to 100 players will surely attract many people. One of

's other attractive features is the technical backbone provided by Amazon's seemingly bottomless vault, access to the Amazon Web Services network, and an amazingly large server capacity, each of which is reported to hold 10,000 units.

After the lukewarm launch of Crucible, another big budget project of Amazon, the retailer’s gaming department last month faced many risks in its second attempt to achieve great success.

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