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Amazons crucible returns to beta status

I think this may be the first time. I remember that the released game had many problems and needed patches to alleviate some of the main deficiencies. I even remember a case like "Arkham Knight", one of the releases was so bad that it stopped selling temporarily. I still remember games that were dropped shortly after launch, like APB: All Points Bulletin. I can also think of an Early Access game released as Early Access, and then stay in this state indefinitely.

I can't think of when a big company's game will be first closed, then released, and then back to the closed beta state.

But here, Amazon broke new ground by mishandling video game releases. They are making mistakes and making misjudgments in new and innovative ways, so I will at least give them a little credit.

Crucible is a free online shooting game launched by Amazon game studio Relentless Studios. The house Bezos has built over the years has tried various methods to more directly participate in the world of game development, and this is the last one. We saw that their Android-based Fire TV devices allowed Amazon to develop and release games like Sev Zero and ToFu Fury, and then they gave up this effort and filled their app store with third-party games. When

was initially released on May 20, the response was overwhelming. Amazon made a strange decision to recall Crucible and wind the watch before it was released. The game has been under development in some form since 2014, so it’s not clear what positive changes might be made by staying in the oven for a while, but I’m sure it’s not a rash decision.

What they apparently did not do is to get players to refund the money they have spent on the game so far, which seems to be a good way to make up for the failure of this game in its current state.

When Amazon's gaming ambitions were not fully activated, it was difficult to coordinate Amazon's dominant position in online retail and commercial network services. They can easily become one of the largest game retailers on the planet, but for whatever reason, they can't figure out how to successfully launch their own games.

This is a double irony, because we have seen other companies use Amazon's own Twitch streaming platform with great success. Free shooter games like Apex Legends and Valorant have shown that by using Twitch wisely and building relationships with content creators there, you can actually bring a large number of players to your game. How could Amazon be smart enough to buy Twitch, but have no strategy to use it to support its game launch? Twitch is your platform. Except for Amazon, the potential for synergy between its game studios and live game streaming services is obvious to everyone.

So what's the next plan? Crucible may receive some updates, hoping to resonate with current players. I like the redemption arc, but I don't know how they can completely reverse the situation, at least without generating an excellent reputation for attracting new players. They will post updates on Reddit, Discord, and social media. They have an official Twitch account for the game, but it looks like this:

Too bad.

Perhaps the game will succeed in some future incarnation, perhaps this will become part of the bumpy road to success. But maybe not, maybe the people who make decisions about these games on Amazon don't really know what they are doing. For now, at least the money spent developing these games is negligible as part of Amazon's overall operations. They may be happy to keep rolling the dice without wasting time learning the rules of the game, but this bad expression does not inspire confidence.

does feel that these decisions have a certain degree of arrogance. Amazon can certainly open the funding hose to provide funding for whatever game development project they want. However, if there is no solid vision behind these decisions and there is no real understanding of the reasons for the success of the game, we are likely to see this pattern repeat itself. There is no doubt that Amazon has many talented people involved in its game development projects, but when all the power of Amazon's machine fails to successfully launch a video game, something is clearly missing.

Crucible You may have had an uphill battle with nonchalance. Amazon has spent all of its time and money developing a game that people don't care in the end if there are enough numbers to sustain it. All eyes will be on your next project to see if this is an isolated incident or if it will become a trend. At least here, it's not a property with an established fan base, they have squandered. It will be very interesting to see how they handle their next Lord of the Rings MMO, which is planned to be launched with their Lord of the Rings TV show. We haven't seen anything from this MMO, but with a popular and successful franchise like the Lord of the Rings, the stakes will be much higher.

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