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Amazon prime day delayed coronavirus

There are reports that due to the coronavirus pandemic, Amazon's annual promotional event, Amazon Prime Day, has been postponed.

At the July event, the retail giant typically cuts out thousands of products for Amazon Prime subscribers. In recent years, Prime Day has moved from online sales to events with side events like music festivals.

Now it seems that those hoping to get the latest product at a deep discount may have to wait another month, because Amazon may put it off until August.

Reuters reported that the minutes of the internal meetings of Amazon executives demonstrated this. Retailers are more worried about the expected loss due to delays. According to these explanations, in the worst-case scenario, this could cause a loss of 300 million U.S. dollars, while a more conservative estimate suggests that the company will lose 100 million U.S. dollars.

Although it appears to be pocket money in Amazon's grand plan for a trillion-dollar market valuation, the company is working hard to rethink its promotion of events.

Rejection of Amazon Prime Membership Day will burden retailers with an additional 5 million devices, which must be heavily discounted. According to reports, these devices include Echo speakers and other equipment. According to reports, third-party merchants will also be affected by the delay because most of their businesses rely on Amazon's online platform.

In addition to the possible delay, these notes also rarely show Amazon's efforts to resolve the recent strikes and union activities, because the company is concerned that the company has not taken action to protect warehouse workers from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. These notes indicate that Amazon will strengthen its social distancing measures by adopting the so-called "two strikes and you are out" method for those who violate the rules.

For now, Amazon has not confirmed the postponement, but considering the impact on operations, it is not unreasonable to expect the postponement of Amazon Prime membership day.

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